tips for outfit planning

ShopRuche Blazer (see other ways I've styled this blazer here, here and here)
Zara Dress
Aldo Pumps
Kate Spade Bag

When I have plans right after work I usually try to be proactive (and prevent the panic in front of the closet while I'm rushing around) by mentally planning my outfit earlier in the day. Sometimes it works wonderfully but the rest of the time it's a horrible idea. The problem is that while I'm mentally sorting through my closet I get bored thinking about my own clothes. Once that happens, I start visualizing pieces that I don't actually own. I then start creating perfect outfits using items that I randomly saw on pinterest one time or pieces that I saw while browsing at a store once. By the time I get home and start actually trying to style my outfit, I am frustrated because that blazer I don't own would obviously look so much better with my white dress than the twelve hanging in front of me.

So here is my tip for planning an outfit. Don't plan your outfits using items of clothing you don't actually own.

You're welcome ;)


  1. Haha! I do this with shoes. Gorgeous stiletto strappy things that I don't own... and if I did own would break my ankles in 20 seconds after putting them on.

    Love that dress on you, and I'm insanely jealous of the Vancouver weather. I will be there in 2 weeks - countdown to cherry blossoms, Topshop and Beard Papas is on!


  2. You're funny, and I can totally relate! Because of this, I often stop by my local strip mall on the way home to see what new item I can find...not very budget friendly :s

    Love the outfit!!!


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