breaking habits

RW&Co Blazer (also worn here)
Zara Blouse
Club Monaco Skirt (available here)
Zara Pumps
Kate Spade Bag
photos taken by Viranlly

Whenever a new season begins I try to come up with a way to stop my excitement from getting the best of me. I love clothes and I love styling so a new season always feels like a fresh start and an opportunity to shop.

I've really had to work on breaking my bad habits. I get bored with my clothing easily, I really really enjoy shopping, and I put far too much value in new things. You would think that bad shopping habits are really trivial, but it has taken a long time for me to change. 

This spring I will be spending my clothing budget on fewer pieces that are higher quality. I've also been trying to buy pieces that I really love instead of buying a bunch of pieces that I like. I would always try to get as many pieces as I could with my budgeted amount but now I'm really trying to just focus on quality, even if I only walk away with a couple new items. None of these concepts are new but now I am trying to finally put them into practice. I'm also rewearing the clothes in my closet a lot more than I have in the past, and I always thought I was someone who rewore a lot before. One of the pieces I bought during our Robson Street shopping trip (which I will be posting this Thursday when I host my GIVEAWAY) has already been worn 5 times. It's really shown me what happens when I actually love the clothes in my closet.

I bought this Club Monaco skirt a few months ago with a gift card and I combined it with a few spring-y pieces I've had in my closet for a few years. I'm really looking forward to wearing different variations of this outfit (or, who am I kidding, this exact outfit) this spring.

Do you have any shopping habits that you're trying to change? Or have you changed any recently?


  1. To be honest, I never notice that you're re-wearing something, just that you always look great! These hang-ups about re-wearing things too often probably only exist in our heads.

  2. You always give me inspo with rewearing things.. it always looks new to me! You look amazing in these pics! xo


  3. I love how you styled this entire look! The leather, pop of color and floral combo is perfection and you look great.


  4. It's always a challenge I have too. I LOVE shopping and ripping the price tag off a new item of clothing in the morning, but it's almost like a game to see how many ways I can style something I already have in my closet. A lot of people tell me that they never see me wear the same thing twice and it's totally because of how I remix, because I always repeat items...but not often will I repeat an outfit.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  5. I love your outfit!


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