One Year

Happy One Year Anniversary to my best friend and the most amazing father our son could ask for. I can't believe it's been a year since our beautiful Palm Springs wedding.

You can take a closer look at our wedding by looking here, here and here. It was such a perfect day full of love and laughter which was captured perfectly by our good friend Nick of Fresh Finish Media. I have been rewatching our wedding video all morning. It brings me right back to our day.

Kevin & Melissa Cartier (Wedding Film) from Fresh Finish Media

A few of my favourite photos captured by our talented photographer, Ashley. 


Adding a little colour

Happy Friday everyone! We are settling in nicely into our new house and are looking forward to celabrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. I have so much to be thankful for so it'll be nice to reflect on that.

 Last month we celebrated my birthday with a low key dinner out with family. I was just going to wear one of my black maternity dresses but I decided to take a look through my closet that morning and I stumbled across this dress. I love how bold it is but more importantly it had a button up top which allowed for easy breastfeeding if needed.

I've been wearing so much black that I forgot how much I love wearing colour. I am still going to wear a lot of black purely because of the functionality with a 3 month old baby but it was nice wearing a bold colour and print to dinner.

Piperlime dress (so sad they closed that site)
Zara Pumps
Hair had been recently done by the talented Chelsea (Find her on instagram @hairdesignbychels)


September Favourites

There is a new video up on my YouTube channel discussing my September Favourites. Thomas may or may not have been really distracting. He's such a little diva. Good thing I'm obsessed with his face.

Stay tuned for more videos on my channel. I love chatting and connecting with you guys!


Life Lately

This little nugget is 12 weeks old! He's growing so quickly and learning so much each day. I love seeing his little personality developing. Sometimes he can be slightly dramatic and I have no idea where he got that from. Definitely not from his mother ;). We have officially moved into the new house and we have gotten so much done already. All that we have to do is organize our upstairs closets and we are done! I am so excited to show you a tour of the new house soon! It's been so fun seeing our vision for our home coming to life. We already feel so at home! Most importantly, we have so much space for our kitchen dance parties... The most important feature in any home.