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I’m still trying to figure out the types of things I want to chat with you guys about on this blog. My focus on this blog previously was my love for style but right now there is a 6% chance that I will want to take style photos. I just wanted to say hello and update you on my super exciting life.

A huge piece of our life right now is trying to figure out where we will be living in the next 4 months. We had hoped to buy a townhome outside of Vancouver but entered the market at a time where it’s not fun to be the buyer. If you’re from Vancouver and the surrounding areas you will know of some of the challenges we are facing. I personally feel like (and I’m sure Kevin will give you another story about this ;)) that I have been pretty good at keeping my pregnancy hormones in check. Aside from being extra impatient I haven’t been overly emotional… until it comes to this process of trying to buy a townhouse. I have burst into tears at the most ridiculous times. I recently showed up for a coffee date with a friend and had to start the conversation with “if it looks like I’ve been crying, I have. And just to be clear, nothing is wrong”. Or the number of times I’ve called Alicia and started the conversation by saying “I don’t want to scare you because I’m crying but nothing is wrong”. It’s been a blast. 

Pregnancy wise things are moving along. I am in a constant battle with trying to accept my pregnancy body. I’m at a good 50% acceptance level at the moment. Half of the time I am okay with the fact that every part of my body seems to have expanded in every direction and other times I’m really mad at myself for not being the tiny, perfect pregnant woman I see on Instagram. I'm finding that having an hour glass figure is tricky during pregnancy because your smallest part (your waist/ stomach) is suddenly growing larger than your “largest” parts.  However, feeling baby move around reminds me how lucky I am so it’s easier to accept being his home for a while. I also remind myself that this is 9 months of my entire life and no one has set the expectation on me that I need my pregnancy body to look a certain way. It’s just me being hard on myself as per usual. I’m just so eager to meet this little maniac because I know this will all be worth it when I get to snuggle him.

I haven't really started to nest and we've purchased next to nothing baby wise. We have our fingers crossed that one of our townhome purchasing leads will work out and when we know for sure (we should know in the next couple weeks) I think I'll be ready to start getting everything organized.

A fun little Melissa-ism I thought I'd share is that the other day Kevin and I were on a walk and I got way too confident about how far I could walk in between bathroom breaks. We were about 20 minutes from home and I had to pee so badly that I approached a young couple that was doing some yard work outside their house and asked if I could use their bathroom. So that happened.

Sadly I think those are all my updates. How have you guys been? I have a couple blog posts lined up that I'm excited to share with you. I did my own make up for my wedding back in October so I have discovered quite a few products that I love so stay tuned for some product posts.

Happy Tuesday!


Recipe for No Bake Chocolate Macaroons

Good afternoon, everyone. It's been a gorgeous day here in Vancouver and I am so thankful for the extra vitamin D because I really really need it right now. I'm also thankful for the chance to go for a walk without getting soaking wet from the rain. I was extremely motivated to walk every night regardless of the weather a few weeks ago but then I got hit with some extra fatigue and it was a lot harder to make myself (and my husband) get out into the rain. It was then that I decided that watching netflix on the couch would be just as healthy for me and the baby as being active. (I'm going to be a great mom).

I have been struggling with my cravings because they are literally just cravings for sugar. I am envious of anyone who craves anything remotely healthy because I am not exaggerating when I say that I could probably just eat sugar cubes at this point. I haven't done that for the record, so don't judge me just yet, but if I'm being completely honest I wouldn't put it past me ;)

On Easter Sunday I had a serious craving for something sweet around 7pm. A legitimate obsessive craving so I asked Kevin to go to the grocery store for some Easter treats. (I haven't sent him on any crazy craving runs just yet so don't worry, he's doing fine haha). Turns out the grocery store was closed for Easter which I was not happy about. I didn't want to send Kevin on a wild goose chase so I thought if I just distracted myself for a little while the craving would go away. It. Did. Not. I ended up looking through my pinterest boards for a recipe that would curb my craving for sweets while having less of a sugary impact than sugar cubes.

I stumbled across this recipe for No Bake Chocolate Macaroons and while it's not "healthy", I do think it's a better choice than what I would have chosen from the grocery store. I only made half a batch to be safe but I was extremely happy with the results and I knew I had to share them. I didn't take photos while making them because I was a woman on a sugary mission and the last thing on my mind was the idea of blogging. Nothing stands in the way of me and my treats.

photo credit goes to wannacomewithit.com

You can find this delicious recipe here.

If you have any healthy-ish recipes that could help curb my sweet cravings please pass them along! I have been eating more fruit and that helps sometimes but other times I just need something chocolatey and indulgent.


Goal Setting

It's the end of the week and we are getting close to a new month so I thought I would talk a little about something I am awful at, Goal setting. I've always felt like setting goals was something I struggled with. I would definitely say that my awful goal setting was most evident any time I tried to change my health and fitness routine. I am an all or nothing type of person so when I wanted to set a new goal it would always be so extreme. Cut out sugar completely (if you know me, you know that's a hilarious thought), go to the gym 6 days a week for an hour or more, do yoga 7 times a week... I'm sure you get the picture.

 Planner purchased from Design Love Co.

This past January, in lieu of New Years Resolutions, I decided to set smaller goals each month. I know that goal setting as a concept has "rules" that come with it. You want your goals to be 'smart' - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely etc, etc, etc. I decided that I needed to remember who I was setting these goals for (me - a very tired and easily overwhelmed woman) and remember why I was never meeting my previous goals (I'm crazy and would try to pile on too much too soon). Maybe I should scratch the word Goal all together. Perhaps I am setting monthly intentions?

I decided my intentions for January would be vague because I already knew how horribly the alternative always ended up.

My "goals" for January were

- Move my body more.
- Cook one new recipe a week.
- Feed my body good whole foods.
- When I'm feeling overwhelmed, focus on the positives.
- List 3 positives daily (keep in mind this was during my first trimester where I was feeling awful and my mind was bogged down by some pretty negative thoughts).
- Organize my space.
- Allow myself to make mistakes.

I guess some of these goals or intentions were specific and/or measurable but most of them were just things I wanted to start doing.

The outcome from January? I accomplished all of them. I moved my body more than I did in December, I tried new recipes even if they were extremely simple, and I fed my body more whole foods that would nourish me but at the same time wouldn't punish myself when I was craving oreos haha.

For February I planned on continuing my intentions from January but set some new ones to focus on.

- Get out of my comfort zone and do one thing a week I think I am bad at.
- Drink 2L of water a day.
- Have a consistent evening routine (falling asleep on the couch at 7pm and then moving to my bed at midnight was becoming an issue haha).
- Work off of a to-do list.

I can happily say that these were all things I was able to accomplish.

I know that I'm not saying anything new or that hasn't been said before. Goal setting is something that some people love and excel at so I'm sure those people are rolling their eyes at this entire post haha. I am someone who struggles with knowing how to set limits when goal setting and who needed to find a new approach. I'm also something who beats myself up when I don't accomplish my goals and I was tired of setting myself up for failure.

I just wanted to share this in case you're like me and you tend to go a little overboard when setting goals. I'm really finding that setting these monthly intentions has helped me stay focused on the positive changes I want to make without the stress or guilt that was attached to my goals I wasn't able to meet.

Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for setting intentions or goals that has helped you out.


Baby Cartier

If you follow me on instagram then you would have already seen the news. Kevin and I our expecting a baby boy this July! I am just past the 20 week mark and it's crazy to think we are halfway through this pregnancy journey. The first 18 weeks was pretty (extremely) rough so I couldn't really enjoy some of the early milestones as much as I wish I would have. It was the weirdest mix of emotions because I was so happy and thankful for the little bean growing inside of me but at the same time I was so sick and miserable. Throw in those pregnancy hormones and I was on an emotional roller coaster. I really had to focus on the positives to keep from getting completely swept up in those emotional downs.

I made the mistake of comparing myself to other pregnant women and I felt like a huge failure for being so sick. Then I would feel horrible for being so sad when I was so lucky to have this healthy baby inside of me.  Then there was the issue of body image mixed with those raging hormones. It was like the roller coaster had derailed and crashed.

Now that I'm feeling better and the raging hormones have calmed down a little bit (or at least I'm just used to feeling this way haha) I am feeling a lot more positive. I am still exhausted most of the time but I have just decided I will probably be tired for the rest of my life so I'm just getting used to it.

I know that every woman has a different pregnancy journey and I am so beyond thankful for the one I have been on.

One of the questions we were asked a lot after announcing the pregnancy is if we were going to find out the gender. I give a lot of credit to people who have the patience to wait but I am definitely not patient and Kevin is someone who likes to know as much information as possible so we knew we wanted to find out. We found out last week that we were having a baby boy and now I really can't wait to meet our little guy. The next little milestone that I'm excited for is to feel baby kick. I can feel him moving around which is such an amazing feeling but I'd love for Kevin to be able to feel the movements as well.

 9 week ultrasound

 19 weeks along!

Couldn't be more excited to meet our baby boy