Fresh Prep Update just in Time for the Holidays!

It's been three months since I last posted about Fresh Prep and I've had quite a few people asking if I'm still enjoying their meals. The answer to that is, yes! So I thought I would give you a little update.

I still really love the convenience of having a couple meals a week already decided for me. I usually only have two meals delivered a week for our family and at this point we have meals delivered 3 times a month. During the weeks where we skip our Fresh Prep delivery I honestly notice a difference in that week's meal planning. Why is having to think of 7 dinner ideas so much harder than 5?  Seriously!

The meals are usually pretty easy to prepare but I've still been learning new cooking techniques, tips and tricks. The latest dish I created was a Buddha Bowl which is a meal I make for myself often! The sweet potatoes were in slices as opposed to cubes and even though it was such a small technique change it resulted in a shorter cooking time and more even cooking. I love that I learned that little tip because I prepare sweet potatoes a lot. It also had a yummy cinnamon tahini dressing which is something I would have never tried to make on my own (I love to top my bowls with guacamole).

 I also love that I'm learning recipes I can easily recreate. One of my favourite things about the fresh prep meals is still that I can try new meals without having to purchase a ton of new ingredients. I made my first curry dish (finally) and now that I know I enjoy it I'll be more inclined to want to spend the money on the spices and ingredients I'll need next time.

As I said earlier, we don't order Fresh Prep every single week and I love that it's flexible enough where you can skip weeks. Some weeks it just doesn't make sense because of our schedules and I'd hate to waste ingredients.

If you've never tried Fresh prep but you'd like to give it a try you can get three plates free by going >>here<<*. I've had quite a few friends give it a try and while a couple of them haven't found it's something they want to continue long term, most of them are really happy with adding the meal delivery to their weekly dinners. This time of year is so busy so there's something really nice about having some support with meals.

Something else I wanted to share (in the spirit of the Holidays and Blogmas) is that you can purchase Fresh Prep Gift Cards on their website and those would make fantastic Christmas gifts!

 Hopefully I've answered any questions you might have but let me know if you have any more. I'd be happy to answer them if I can!

*This post isn't sponsored by Fresh Prep but I wanted to mention that every time the link is used to redeem the three free dishes, I get a free dish!


Last minute DIY Christmas Gift Idea - Sharpie Mugs!

A few years ago I decided to make some of my Christmas gifts and it was so much fun. I love when gifts have meaning behind them and I think there is something so special about a gift that is homemade. I decided to try making sharpie mugs because they looked fun and Pinterest can convince me I'm capable of anything. Luckily this was something I was able to do unlike most of the other things Pinterest has tricked me into trying.

The key to making this work is the right mugs, the right pens and the right baking technique. Inexpensive mugs work the best because the glaze is cheaper and the sharpie will have an easier time staying in place.

I was going to type everything out for you but instead I'll link one of the websites I found most helpful. >>here<<

It's really important to use the right mugs and sharpies because otherwise the sharpie will rub right off. I've had mixed results based on the mugs but honestly the cheaper the better so go save that money and head to the dollar store!

 I love these gifts for friends, family and this year I thought they would be great for Thomas' daycare teachers. All you need is some tea or hot chocolate and little treats tucked inside and they make lovely gifts.

If you're Canadian, the $1.50 mugs at Superstore work well for this. These mugs are from Walmart.

These Sharpie Mugs are quick, budget friendly and super cute. These would be a great project for the weekend and if you don't feel confident in your artistic skills I actually think it would be super cute to let your kids draw on the mugs as a gift for grandparents! Just keep your eye on your sharpie wielding children so you don't end up hating me when they also decide to draw on the walls ;). 

I have loved the abstract mugs I've designed and I also really love a good funny quote. 

Let me know if you try making these and let me know which of the mugs I made are your favourite in the comments!


Office to Holiday Party Style: Getting Ready in a Hurry

The holidays are such a busy time of year. It feels like every weekend in December is already booked up by September with family events and holiday parties. When the parties start sneaking over into weeknights it just makes things feel even busier. Rushing home from work trying to get party ready is never fun.

I thought I would put together a look that I could wear straight from work to a holiday party and share it with you in case you're looking for some inspiration. I started with a dress that I feel good in and that is work appropriate and then I topped it with a blazer. Every office has a different dress code so if this wouldn't work for yours, any dress that you feel good in but that follows your office's dress code would work. I chose to keep the colour palette deep and neutral, I wore opaque black tights to help make this look office appropriate and black pumps.

To make this look holiday party ready in a hurry, try adding a touch of glitz. I chose earrings with a little sparkle because they are easy to carry in your bag and they elevate any outfit with very little effort. I did, however, keep my earrings small because I also chose a sequin clutch and I didn't want them to compete with each other. My bag choice was an easy one because I only own two clutches at the moment and since the dress I chose is quite simple, it allowed for a more detailed bag. An evening clutch this size fits easily inside of a larger daytime bag which makes for an easy swap as well. Lastly, I decided on a red lip for this look because I personally don't wear lipstick at work and a bold lip made me feel ready for an evening out. You could also remove the blazer after work and if you prefer a bare leg for a party you can take those tights off but let's be honest... my legs are shockingly pale and I'm too lazy to self tan so, tights it is!

Thank you to Alicia for taking my photos
Aritzia Babaton Dress (I bought this years ago but they still have it)
Club Monaco clutch that I bought years and years ago on sale. I couldn't find anything similar but Zara has a crossbody bag with beading that I am absolutely obsessed with and really want to add to my collection now.