Resolutions for 2018

This year I'm keeping it simple. I am going to focus on changing my perspective and I am also going to dive in
Changing my Perspective:  Instead of making specific goals for the new year in a few areas of my life, I want to work on changing my perspective. I don't think I'm really going to be able to make change until I do. An example of this would be fitness. I could make a specific fitness related resolution (like I do every year) but then I'll be in the exact same place that I have been every year. I am pretty active generally but I'm not very consistent and I think that's because I just don't have the right perspective. Telling myself that I have to work out and I have to go to the gym as if it's some kind of punishment. I really want to focus on changing my mindset so that I tell myself that I get to work out because it gives me energy and it's good for my heart. I also want to change my perspective on budgeting, meal planning (meal prep) and wellness. 

Dive In: My name is Melissa and I'm an overthinker. (Hi, Melissa). I stole this resolution from Alicia because it perfectly describes something I wanted for 2018. I want to stop letting my overthinking be such a barrier. I want to stop talking myself out of taking chances. I want to allow myself to try and "fail". I want to be able to write without worrying that no one will understand my sense of humour. I want to have enough confidence in myself to try something new. I want to stop convincing myself that I'm not good enough. I'm sure that I will need to change my perspective a little bit as well here in order for this to be successful so I think these two will go hand in hand.

I think as the year goes on these two resolutions will evolve and hopefully that means that I'm evolving as well. Let's do this, 2018!

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