Baby Cartier

If you follow me on instagram then you would have already seen the news. Kevin and I our expecting a baby boy this July! I am just past the 20 week mark and it's crazy to think we are halfway through this pregnancy journey. The first 18 weeks was pretty (extremely) rough so I couldn't really enjoy some of the early milestones as much as I wish I would have. It was the weirdest mix of emotions because I was so happy and thankful for the little bean growing inside of me but at the same time I was so sick and miserable. Throw in those pregnancy hormones and I was on an emotional roller coaster. I really had to focus on the positives to keep from getting completely swept up in those emotional downs.

I made the mistake of comparing myself to other pregnant women and I felt like a huge failure for being so sick. Then I would feel horrible for being so sad when I was so lucky to have this healthy baby inside of me.  Then there was the issue of body image mixed with those raging hormones. It was like the roller coaster had derailed and crashed.

Now that I'm feeling better and the raging hormones have calmed down a little bit (or at least I'm just used to feeling this way haha) I am feeling a lot more positive. I am still exhausted most of the time but I have just decided I will probably be tired for the rest of my life so I'm just getting used to it.

I know that every woman has a different pregnancy journey and I am so beyond thankful for the one I have been on.

One of the questions we were asked a lot after announcing the pregnancy is if we were going to find out the gender. I give a lot of credit to people who have the patience to wait but I am definitely not patient and Kevin is someone who likes to know as much information as possible so we knew we wanted to find out. We found out last week that we were having a baby boy and now I really can't wait to meet our little guy. The next little milestone that I'm excited for is to feel baby kick. I can feel him moving around which is such an amazing feeling but I'd love for Kevin to be able to feel the movements as well.

 9 week ultrasound

 19 weeks along!

Couldn't be more excited to meet our baby boy

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