Thin Layer of Lace

Wearing: Gap Blazer, American Apparel Top, Modcloth Skirt, Vintage Scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag, UO Shoes.

You know those days where you get dressed, leave the house and then realize that if you take off your jacket at any point during the day your sheer top will result in you being a borderline nudist? Yah I've had two of those lately.

It's not like I was giving it all away for free, but there is something unnerving about sitting in a restaurant and knowing that the only thing separating your waitress and your bra is a thin layer of lace.

Luckily for everyone I won't be able to have very many borderline nudest moments any more because last night I realized that Fall weather has finally arrived. It's time for sweaters, scarves and winter coats my friends. And mittens. And drinking hot chocolate to keep warm. Sounds awful ;)

PS, I know your favourite hobby is to stalk me on twitter so I made the stalking even easier and made a Miss Melissa facebook page.

PPS, I played photographer for Cara of A Fashion Love Affair recently. I forget how fun it is to be on the other side of the camera!


  1. I am loving all of these pastel colors going on...so pretty! And your write ups are just the best, always make me smile. You look beautiful in these shots!

    Thank you so much for taking photos for me, so handy to have a fellow blogger as a friend ;)

    xo Cara

  2. LOL..I SOOO know what yo umean..and thenyou are stuck sweating all day....lol
    I love the sheer lace top...with or without the gorgeous jacket:)

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  3. Love the combination here, that skirt is beautiful and I adore the blazer! Great outfit!!
    Bella xo

  4. I'm too much of a prude to just do a bra under a sheer top LOL. I always have to have a cami!

    It was nice seeing you last night! Sorry we didn't get to talk much and I wasn't so energetic. Evidently my work day really took it out of me. :P

  5. I usually wear camis under sheer tops, but that is because I am kind of shy. I like the lighter colors paired with the black tights.

  6. I do that all the time... wear outfits that require the blazer to "make" the look and then I'm stuck sweating away all day if it gets too warm. Love the pastel colour palette, Melissa :)

    xo, alison*elle

  7. Very cute, loving the color choices!

    xo Ashleigh


  8. Lovely outfit - I am a big fan of the color combinations!

    Feeling Bold

  9. Gorgeous outfit! LOL! I always wear nude camis with my lace tops :P

  10. <3 that blazer from GAP! Did you purchase it there recently...? Also I have been oogling that sheer/lace top at AA too! Great fashion minds think alike?!


  11. i love your color pallet! so soothing! i need to tie a scarf to a purse like you did-super cute!


  12. pretty choice of colours - very ladylike as usual.

    Well looks like your prediction came true b/c today is the most miserable day. We had our sunshine the last few days so I'm guessing we're to suffer for a while now. Best to bundle up in those cute mitts, scarves and woolen coats,

  13. loving this color palette on u! so pretty!

  14. OMG I don't even care about the near nudity, I want that entire outfit exactly as it is, don't change a THING. That color combo is blowing my mind. I need more rose/beige/cream/black in my life NOWISH.

  15. I love the dress it looks so good on you.

  16. I think the borderline nudity was worth it to make this outfit a relating- everything about is so absolutely perfect, I'm slightly tempted to steal everything right off of your and wear it myself :) Lovely to see you last night!

  17. This outfit is so, so pretty! I love the lace & rosy neutral color palette! Just gorgeous!

  18. Gah, I miss mittens! But that's probably the only thing I miss about winter. :)

    You look adorable, my dear. Love this color palette.

    And of course, I liked your page.

  19. Love that skirt...super cute. And I've also recently had some mishaps with those sheer shirts. Kind of awkward when it's pointed out by a co-worker. Just became a new follower...love the blog. With a capital L!


    The Other Side of Gray

  20. i love your look so much!
    kisses from prague
    have a wonderful day!

  21. Beautiful outfit! Sometimes I find myself in that awkward situation where I am too warm and want to take off my sweater/blazer too but realize that my under layer alone isn't terribly appropriate for the setting! lol

  22. Hahaha! You're hilarious and also gorgeous. I love this outfit: that blazer and that top were meant to be together!


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