Guest Post Swap: Ruby Girl

Good morning everyone. Today I will be spending the day over at Ruby Girl talking about my recent closet makeover and how it lead me to actually enjoying fall clothes this year!

And what did Ruby Girl do today? Well she's hanging out here of course!


Really excited to be here with you on Melissa's lovely blog. She is such a class act. I really enjoy how she styles statement pieces (fur vest, lace blazer, etc...) in a trendy, wear-able way. Her looks have cohesion and a really personal stamp on them. Beyond style, her fun and super sweet personality comes through her blog as well of course.

dress: eshakti, necklace: jcpenney, ring: thrifted

Ruby Girl blog is my much-needed creative outlet. I love putting together looks that reflect my self-diagnosed "ladylike glam" style. I'm a little crazy, and wholly laugh-inclined, which certainly can't escape the blog.

Here are the trends I've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing this season...
1. The ginormous infinity scarf. Honestly, I care 8512315435 times more about form than function, but this one makes the cut on both counts. It's super cozy warm and a dramatic eye-catching piece.
2. Leather pants. I know, so rocker and punky feeling, which is really not me. But they can be styled super classy, I promise.
3. Lace-up booties. Ahhh! I just smile thinking about them.
4. Chiffon is the new cotton, as I shared on my blog last week. It flows beautifully and took runways by storm at NYFW.
5. Orange! It's so perfectly fall and is the perfect offset to a neutral outfit.

scarf: clouds n love (etsy shop), pants: net-a-porter, booties: yesstyle, dress: browns fashion, bag: threadcase

Come on and stop by sometime, I love meeting new peeps!


  1. love all your top favorites for fall except i could do without the orange :) [roll tide!]


  2. Too much fun! Great post, wonderful fall ideas :)
    Bella xo

  3. great post! love the aqua dress!

  4. leather pants = winner! ;)


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