Day 8

So if you haven't noticed, I got my camera cord back from Mike! I had to hang out with him for a bit to get it, but I knew this 30 for 30 challenge came with sacrifices... ;) kidding!

Yay! It's week TWO! I'm so proud of all the 30 for 30 remixers! It's actually a lot more challenging then I thought it would be. I'm going to be beyond proud of myself when this is over... I will buy myself TWO cupcakes as a reward!

So while we had another sunny day in Vancouver today, we did experience a very light breeze which cooled us down a bit.

Okay i'm obviously under exaggerating. It was extremely windy which resulted in some pretty kick ass hair. I was really stumped at what I should wear today. The cooler weather made me jump at the opportunity to wear capris and my trench! I was also happy when I noticed this blue necklace hanging on my jewelry wall. I hope it adds enough variety that when I wear this top again, it'll seem different. *fingers crossed*. Okay, it's bed time now. I am too old to stay up past 10!
Good Night!

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  1. That purpley colour is lovely on you! I love jeans with trench coats. It does sound difficult but you are doing so good :)


  2. GREAT outfit!!! I still want to steal *ahem* I mean borrow that trench from you!

  3. Super cute outfit! I love the purple shirt with the turquoise necklace. That necklace is FAB and I really love the shoes too!

  4. Loooove your trench! That's so adorable! And the shoes are fab, too! Sometimes it's so nice to have a cooler day in amidst all the heat so you can wear things you haven't been able to wear in a while!

  5. I love the Trench but i have no Idea how you have been able to wear that with this weather!! The necklace is so beautiful on you! I think I need to start getting my photographers to take more than 2 pics of me on my 30 for 30 challenge each day. Your photos look so fun!

  6. Eleanor: I love this purple colour too. I went through a purple stage where I was drawn to only purple. My closet wasn't very varied ;)

    Alicia: I'm sure after these 30 days i'll be sick of the trench and you can have it ;) Unless the weather stays this nice and in that case i'll never wear it and still love it :p

    Melissa & Chantele: Thank you :)

    Kate: The cooler breeze was a nice change from the crazy heat for sure! I was determined to wear a jacket that day no matter what!

    Steph: I waited until our one cooler day to wear the trench haha. These other days I haven't even looked at jackets. And my photographer is my camera sitting on a fence with the self timer going. I live alone which means no photographer 99% of the time! But you should take lots of pics. It's fun!


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