Day 9

I know I know.. you don't have to say it. My simple style may be crossing over into boring-ville.

But that's the way I like it!

I don't have enough hair to pull off a headband with a huge bow, so I wore one with a mini little bow.

If you look at my 30 pieces I had a ruffly black top in the mix. When I went to put it on the other day I noticed one of the seams at the chest was coming undone. I only included it in my 30 as a black basic piece and since I didn't think accessorizing this outfit with a flash of my boob was appropriate, I just swapped it for a boring old navy black tank.

I bought this skirt at a boutique when I was with my cousin Alicia. It was at that same store she found her zebra shirt she rocked at a recent concert! What a stylish little remixer she is.

My favourite part of this skirt is the button detailing on the side and when I bought it I was obsessed that it had pockets. I bought it before the whole pocket craze started so a skirt with pockets was rare. I was so trendy :p

So that is day 9! Such a fun day wasn't it?
Want to hear a quick funny story about this skirt before I go? When I saw Finn from Glee recently, I told Mike I was mostly excited because I have never seen a celebrity before! It was then he reminded me of the night I met Aidan from Sex and the City. John Corbett was suuuper drunk when I spoke with him so I didn't have the best impression but I still love him.
So, long story short, I assumed this was a lucky celebrity spotting skirt. Since then I have been very disappointed with the lack of celebrities i've met while wearing it. Just now while taking these pictures in my back yard I didn't meet a single celebrity. How upsetting.

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  1. Not boring! I'd say subtly detailed =)

  2. i like your style. its simple and classy, not boring at all!

  3. Haha well if it's not magical, at least it's cute!!

  4. Tht skirt is so cute, I love the colour. Not enough heair to pull off a big bow - pah, in Liverpool UK (where I have recently relocated to) they seem to have a style of their own, the bigger the bow (no matter how odd it looks or how short the hair) the better! They also walk round the city centre with curlers in their hair but that's another story...but anyway...fab outfit, very cute, smple yes, but not boring at all. love it xxx

  5. Such a cute skirt!! Love the colors & the button detailing! Good job on the 30 for 30 so far! You're doing great! And also, those Aldo shoes (not in the pictures, but the ones I have that you said you ordered too!) are the comfiest shoes ever. The soles are lined with rubber which makes them absorb so much impact! Definitely a 'wear all day' kind of shoe! & thanks so much for your sweet comment, m'dear! You are lovely.

  6. I LOVE that skirt, and I love how your hair is braided back in to the headband. This outfit is so sweet!

    I'm a new follower, thanks for stopping my blog!


  7. I love when an outfit is simple and still looks so cute, and the skirt is so fab!

  8. holy model in the first pic...gorgeous! I have lots of love for this skirt, even if you didn't meet a celebrity in your backyard hehe!

  9. That is an adorable skirt. I love the buttons.


  10. Rachael & Honeysuckle: Thanks, as long as I don't bore you i'm happy ;)

    Leah: But wouldn't it be amazing if it was magical AND cute? If only..

    Queenie: If I visit the UK I will rock a huge bow headband AND curlers in my hair! I'll fit right in! :)

    Kate: I am excited to wear them now! I love comfy wedges... I wish I picked on less jacket and my new wedges in my 30.

    Ashley: Thanks and no problem! Your style is adorable :)

    Steph: I am glad you like simple style, because even when I try NOT to be simple.. i'm simple haha. darn it.

    Alicia: I am totally almost a model now... HA! Thanks though ;) And I was sure Zac Efron hung out in my back yard... but apparently not!

    NoGuiltFashion: I love the buttons too. I like when an item of clothing is interesting so I dont' have to be. ;)

  11. ha! i love that it's a lucky celebrity-spotting skirt! it really is a fabulous skirt, i love it!

    the hairband with the bow looks so cute in your hair! i need to try that. so many bloggers are able to pull off the cute hairband thing and me...not so much. perhaps it's lack of effort.

  12. Oh my goodness, I love that little, subtle braid in your hair!


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