"Day" 7

So on Saturday Mike and I were discussing my plans for the next day (he was going to be watching soccer... I was not).

It was then I realized at no point during my day on Sunday, would I be getting out of my lazy clothes and putting on anything resembling my 30 items.

My solution? When Mike and I went out for a drink Saturday night I put on a whole new outfit... Saturday night officially became Day 7!

You would have seen this yellow top before (and you'll probably be sick of it by the end of this challenge) and while I loooove the colour, i'm not sure it's that flattering on me. At least when it's worn loose with a pair of skinny jeans.
.Oh well! I had on some lovely accessories as well, but when I realized Mike intended on wearing a t-shirt and shorts to get drinks I decided to minimize the outfit so the jewelry went bye bye.

If you can't tell, I was pictured-out by Saturday night. Our photo shoot during the day made me a little camera sick.

My unofficial Day 7 was a lot of fun but really, can you have a bad time when bellini's are around? Exactly.

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  1. I like the shape of the yellow top on you, but it's all about what you feel comfortable in, right? You really did look cute, and sounds like drinks with Mike were super fun ;)

  2. I think the yellow looks great on you. The entire outfit is sassy and gorgeous!

  3. I think the top looks great on you. Not just the color, but I think it fits nicely too.


  4. Aw thanks ladies. I'm so weird with how clothes fit. I guess I hate when clothes add lumps and bumps... because I have more than enough and don't need extras ;)


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