Day 5

I had today off work so I was really excited to sleep in! Unfortunately I was woken up really early by someone from my work... even more unfortunate is that I had emailed specifying that I be contacted about this particular issue today so the phone call was technically my fault. I guess I just didn't realize it would be so early in the morning. No sleep means cranky Melissa.

Tonight Mike and I went to dinner and then walked to English Bay. When we were at dinner we ended up sitting a few tables away from Corey Monteith (Finn from Glee! eeeep!). I love Glee so was obviously really excited that we were so close to him, but I decided not to look like a crazy stalker and I didn't go over. I think Mike deserves a pat on the back for being so patient with me during Corey watch 2010 (aka dinner).
The heat wave cooled a bit tonight so I grabbed a tea for our walk on the beach for a mild caffeinated kick.

My Day 5 outfit doesn't really reflect any creativity but it does show my talent for finding cute dresses at boutiques in Yaletown. 

I was originally wearing my silver shoes but for our walk I wore my comfy sandals.

Good night loves :)


  1. That dress is adorbs and so are you!
    It seems a lot of us bloggers headed to the shores today, my post from the beach goes up tomorrow morning!

  2. Woww I don't think I could have resisted going over! I love Finn and I am such a Gleek. I'm so jealous!

    That dress is gorgeous, as are you and your boyfriend! And where you live looks beautiful.


  3. You saw Finn?!? I'm so ridiculously jealous! He is my favorite. On a fashion-related note, this dress is SUPER adorable!

  4. Cute dress! It looks like you had a great day at the beach. :)

  5. Wow I seriously admire your self control. When I was at a concert in LA I saw the guy who plays my favorite character on my absolute favorite show (and did I mention he's damn sexy?). I FREAKED. Like I couldn't speak. And I almost cried. And I ran over and asked if he'd take a picture with him and my best friend. Then I'm not sure what happened next, I'm pretty sure I just ran away. Haha. Whenever I think about it, I blush, because I'm sure I was being such an awkward fangirl. I try to block it out with the memory of his hottness.

    Love your dress! :)

  6. 1) haha, Mike and his camera

    2) You were SUPPOSED to tell Corey Monteith that I love him!! BAD SISTER!

  7. I LOVE that dress!!

  8. that's awesome you saw Finn! cute dress too!
    ps. our sweaters match!

  9. That is such a cute beach outfit and its perfect for this challenge. Im a sucker for great blue hues, and I love your cardigan. Th esunset was great that night! I watched it along the seawall also.

    I have to agree with the celebrity thing. When I work with them I am totally fine, but when I run into them I become a slight innocent stalker.


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