Day 6

Let me introduce you to today's mood: 

Remember yesterday when I specifically said I hope I get enough sleep so I'm not a cranky pants today? Well thanks to a certain boyfriend of mine who decided to wake up super early (okay 8am, but still) I didn't get the 15 hours of sleep I so desperately wanted.

Our plan today was to go for a walk and play around with Mike's fancy camera and then to go run some errands for his new apartment. He bought the camera a little while ago and aside from our cruise hasn't had many opportunities to use it.
Mike needs practice using his super duper fancy camera and I need daily photos of my outfits. It's a match made in photography heaven.

I love the area Mike moved to! It's seriously gorgeous. Flowers, trees and old buildings everywhere. Too bad I was too pissy to enjoy it :p Nah, I only had a few child-like temper tantrums in the morning.. otherwise I was peachy.

So this was my day 6 outfit. I love the girly bow details and the colour of this modcloth top but I learned the hard way that it's not great in hot weather. I'm not sure you can see the eyelet detail on the skirt, but it's there. Add my silver shoes (again) and my frilly white bag and i'm as girly as can be!
Now I'm lounging around in pj's that are perfect for this heat and looking forward to dinner.
Thanks again Mikey for being patient during our mini photo shoot. You're the best! And thanks to everyone for their lovely comments! It seriously makes me smile whenever I read them. xo

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  1. Love the color of that top! Hope tomorrow is a better day, I hear you on needing tons of sleep!

  2. Yup I love that top too! Looks like he's getting the hang of the camera... or maybe he just has a good model! :)

  3. The top is such a good color! Well, the top is generally fabulous. (I love bows!)

    - Val from The Sweet Roads

  4. Well for a grumpy girl you sure look good! That top is perfection.

    And I agree, the area looks so nice! Pretty old buildings and flowers everywhere sounds lovely.


  5. Thats a great outfit! I love the location too!


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