Day 4

Happy Day 4 everyone!

I spent some time on my break at work visiting some of the other 30 for 30 blogs and I'm so impressed so far! It's actually been really neat seeing all of the different styles and how outfits are being put together. Very inspiring!

Does anyone else wish that this 30 for 30 didn't start at the same time as an insane heat wave? I'm kind of wishing I just picked out 30 bathing suits and sandals. It's bad when even shorts and a tank top seem like too much clothing! Sweaty and uncomfortable isn't a good look for me! ;)

With that said, here is my day 4 outfit. I am in the middle of finishing my organization project before spending the weekend at Mikes so I really have to get off of this computer and work... dang it.

Yet again I went for something easy and simple -- shocking I know.

I wore my striped tank over my high waisted khaki shorts. Comfy comfy cooomfy!

Purse - I don't remember the brand but it's from winners.
Earrings - F21

Hair is in a low messy bun thanks to the heat! And for the record, I am not complaining about the hot weather at all.. I love it and definitely prefer it to the rain Vancouver is known for.

Thanks again for all the amazing comments. You've all been so supportive!!
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  1. Your earrings are so pretty! They match the color of your eyes!
    I'm rocking shorts and a tee as well and am just about melting!

  2. i really like your eye makeup! i'm wishing we had some heat here... it was only in the 60's today. what happened to summer?

  3. Wow, you are gorgeous. Look at your beautiful eyes.. and with those earrings, perfect! Sweet outfit.

    Reading about this intolerable heat is making me grateful it is winter here.. although I am a little jealous.


  4. I love the close up picture very much.

  5. so cute, i love your outfit :)

  6. what pretty turquoise earrings! I love this simple look... I'm totally into stripes right now.


  7. I loooooove the pop of color in the earrings! The outfit is very simple but you look so pulled together and comfy chic. I love it!

  8. Liz: Thank you! I've only worn these earrings once before. I was excited to put them to use!

    Honeysuckle: I think Vancouver stole heat from EVERY WHERE. It's the only explanation for this weather haha. And thank you :)

    Eleanor: Aw i'm blushing. That's so sweet. Bah I don't know what to say haha. Thank you!

    Krista: Thanks lovey

    Krystal: Thank you! I mostly love that it was so comfy ;)

    Diya: Thanks! I noticed a lot of people chose a striped top in their 30 pieces!

    Melissa: Thank you! Simple and chic pretty much sums up what I aim for ;)

    Thanks again everyone! xo

  9. Love the earings! This outfit is totally summer boat worthy!


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