Styling Pants for the Holidays

One look that I wanted to put together for the holidays was a pant look. Last year I started hosting some dinners at our home and it's important to me that I'm comfortable while I'm getting dinner together. It's not that I'm not comfortable in a dress, but when I'm prepping dinner I am more of a pants gal. Even though I want to be comfortable I do like to dress up a little because my evenings out are at a minimum these days and I like getting use out of the "fancy" side of my wardrobe sometimes lol.

I've had these high waisted pants for almost 10 years and they are a go-to for me when I want my comfortable look to be a little more elevated. Any black trousers that you're comfortable in will do the trick. I love how quickly a trouser can change the look of an outfit I would regularly wear with jeans. Paired with one of my favourite black blouses, my black pumps that I always wear, some glitzy earrings and my sequinned clutch (which if you remember, is one of the two evening bags I have so it was my only choice and I'm happy with it) I'm holiday ready.

Honestly, everything I'm wearing here is old (like, I'm talking 5-10 years old) so I'm going to link some fun trousers that are similar-ish and would be great for the holidays. I'm a fan of Zara trousers because they are budget friendly. I love these tuxedo trousers, these crepe trousers look great or there is this shimmery velvet pair that would be amazing for a holiday party.

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