Favourite Holiday Accessories

 I love how a jewels can make any outfit holiday appropriate. Over the years I've collected some "costume jewelry" that allows me to add just the right amount of glitz to any outfit. I recently had to go through and purge most of my jewelry but I kept some select pieces that have proven to be the perfect jewels to elevate any outfit. I chose one piece for a particular reason so I wanted to share with you the pieces I've kept and why I love them so much!

 Earrings with Colour

 I wear a lot of black. A lot a lot. Especially if I'm getting done up for a formal event. I'm all about the LBD's. I kept these beauties because the classic colours add some interest to my outfit when I'm wearing all black. I've worn these with a black blouse, dark skinny jeans and a pair of pumps on a night out.
from Olive and Piper

 Textured Earrings

I love that these oversized earrings have a little bit of glitz but also have green velvet. They are so much fun but the green is subtle enough that they can be paired with most colours. I think they will be fun with a bold red lip over the holidays. Is the green and red combo too obvious? Maybe, but I dig it. 

Vintage Inspired Earrings

These earrings became a quick favourite of mine with their delicate details and vintage feel. I wore them to a gala recently with a dark berry lip and vintage inspired hairstyle and I felt so glam. I love having a pair of earrings on hand that work for formal events. 
 from Le Chateau

 Pearl Earrings

These pearl earrings are a little more bold than the average pearls and I wouldn't call them classic, but I love them. These earrings were quite trendy a few years ago but I haven't let them go just yet. I think the pearl jacket back is so much fun.

Dainty Drop Earrings

These beautiful earrings add a very subtle amount of sparkle to any look. I usually wear studs so these are perfect when I'm just looking to elevate my look a tiny bit. 
from Le Chateau

 Vintage Inspired Necklace

Earrings are my first choice of jewelry these days (mostly because I have a toddler who enjoys pulling on necklaces) but this necklace is just too beautiful not to wear. I love how dainty it is and it's perfect for adding some detail to an outfit.
 from Banana Republic

I have my eye on a few pieces of jewelry that I want to add to my collection eventually but after just purging I want to wait a little bit.

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