Pinterest Recipes Tested - Christmas Addition

I decided to keep the theme of these recipes "really quick & easy". It's such a busy time of year and making treats from scratch feels daunting when you're trying to decorate, Christmas shop, wrap presents and all while spending time with your family. If you're someone who loves to bake Christmas treats this post might not be for you. But if you're someone who is looking for a yummy, quick and easy treat to make for a holiday party or potluck, hopefully this will provide some inspiration!

Rudolph Brownies

These brownie Rudolph's are super easy and really adorable. I took the "easy" one step further by purchasing pre-made brownies. I used candy eyes from the bakery section at the grocery store, red m&m's for the nose and mini pretzels for the antlers. I melted a little bit of milk chocolate in the microwave and used it as adhesive. Ta-da! I think these turned out really cute and they were easy and quick to put together.

White Chocolate Dipped Shortbread

This recipe was actually for chocolate dipped gingerbread but it inspired me to dip shortbread. If you're looking for an easy way to elevate store bought cookies, this is it. I used sprinkles on half of the cookies and crushed up candy canes for the other. If you're no a fan of white chocolate I think dipping them in milk chocolate would also look nice as long as you used the right sprinkles.

My only note is that I don't recommend using the microwave to melt the white chocolate like the recipe suggests. I always use the double broiler method to make sure the chocolate doesn't burn.

This made me think of the scene in Bad Moms where she's being shamed for bringing store bought cookies to the bake sale. Dip those store bought cookies in chocolate, put them on a plate and you'll have everyone asking you for the recipe ;)

Christmas Rocky Road

This stuff is very very very sweet and that's coming from a gal with a sweet tooth so I recommend cutting them into pretty small pieces. I also altered the recipe a little bit because I didn't see the need to add butter and corn syrup. Ultimately it's melted white chocolate (in a double boiler) mixed with marshmallows and topped with more sugary candy. It's a cavity in a dessert so if you need a sugar kick to get you through the holidays this is a great option lol. Admittedly these weren't my favourite right after I made them and I love white chocolate. After storing them in my fridge overnight and giving them another try the next day I ended up really enjoying them. When I brought some of these treats into work these were the most popular as well.

The most convenient recipe is the white chocolate dipped cookies, the cutest recipe is the Rudolph Brownies and the dessert voted most likely to cause a small child to pass out during a sugar crash is the rocky road.

 All of these options are perfect for a last minute dessert. I even think giving a plate of these as a little hostess gift would be a really nice way to say thank you to the person in your life hosting all of the dinners!

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