Holiday Family Traditions with Some of your Favourite Bloggers

Last year was our first Christmas as a family of three and I found myself really excited to start some traditions for Thomas to enjoy. My family wasn't huge on traditions growing up but the ones we did have were really important to me. I don't know if you'd call it a tradition but my mom's amazing holiday decor was something I looked forward to every year. Huge Christmas dinners with family and friends. When the house is warm, pots and pans are banging around in the kitchen as the smell of turkey and stuffing fills the air, kids are running around the house filled with that extra holiday energy and the house is buzzing with conversation. Another silly little tradition that sticks out to me is waking up on Christmas morning to see that Santa had left my stocking at the foot of my bed. Those are just a few examples but to this day they make me so happy when I think of the holidays.

I have been looking to add some new Christmas traditions each year as Thomas gets older so I thought I'd reach out to some amazing mama's I've gotten to know thanks to their wonderful blogs. I asked them if they wouldn't mind sharing one of their favourite Christmas traditions with us.


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