Last minute DIY Christmas Gift Idea - Sharpie Mugs!

A few years ago I decided to make some of my Christmas gifts and it was so much fun. I love when gifts have meaning behind them and I think there is something so special about a gift that is homemade. I decided to try making sharpie mugs because they looked fun and Pinterest can convince me I'm capable of anything. Luckily this was something I was able to do unlike most of the other things Pinterest has tricked me into trying.

The key to making this work is the right mugs, the right pens and the right baking technique. Inexpensive mugs work the best because the glaze is cheaper and the sharpie will have an easier time staying in place.

I was going to type everything out for you but instead I'll link one of the websites I found most helpful. >>here<<

It's really important to use the right mugs and sharpies because otherwise the sharpie will rub right off. I've had mixed results based on the mugs but honestly the cheaper the better so go save that money and head to the dollar store!

 I love these gifts for friends, family and this year I thought they would be great for Thomas' daycare teachers. All you need is some tea or hot chocolate and little treats tucked inside and they make lovely gifts.

If you're Canadian, the $1.50 mugs at Superstore work well for this. These mugs are from Walmart.

These Sharpie Mugs are quick, budget friendly and super cute. These would be a great project for the weekend and if you don't feel confident in your artistic skills I actually think it would be super cute to let your kids draw on the mugs as a gift for grandparents! Just keep your eye on your sharpie wielding children so you don't end up hating me when they also decide to draw on the walls ;). 

I have loved the abstract mugs I've designed and I also really love a good funny quote. 

Let me know if you try making these and let me know which of the mugs I made are your favourite in the comments!

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