Fresh Prep Update just in Time for the Holidays!

It's been three months since I last posted about Fresh Prep and I've had quite a few people asking if I'm still enjoying their meals. The answer to that is, yes! So I thought I would give you a little update.

I still really love the convenience of having a couple meals a week already decided for me. I usually only have two meals delivered a week for our family and at this point we have meals delivered 3 times a month. During the weeks where we skip our Fresh Prep delivery I honestly notice a difference in that week's meal planning. Why is having to think of 7 dinner ideas so much harder than 5?  Seriously!

The meals are usually pretty easy to prepare but I've still been learning new cooking techniques, tips and tricks. The latest dish I created was a Buddha Bowl which is a meal I make for myself often! The sweet potatoes were in slices as opposed to cubes and even though it was such a small technique change it resulted in a shorter cooking time and more even cooking. I love that I learned that little tip because I prepare sweet potatoes a lot. It also had a yummy cinnamon tahini dressing which is something I would have never tried to make on my own (I love to top my bowls with guacamole).

 I also love that I'm learning recipes I can easily recreate. One of my favourite things about the fresh prep meals is still that I can try new meals without having to purchase a ton of new ingredients. I made my first curry dish (finally) and now that I know I enjoy it I'll be more inclined to want to spend the money on the spices and ingredients I'll need next time.

As I said earlier, we don't order Fresh Prep every single week and I love that it's flexible enough where you can skip weeks. Some weeks it just doesn't make sense because of our schedules and I'd hate to waste ingredients.

If you've never tried Fresh prep but you'd like to give it a try you can get three plates free by going >>here<<*. I've had quite a few friends give it a try and while a couple of them haven't found it's something they want to continue long term, most of them are really happy with adding the meal delivery to their weekly dinners. This time of year is so busy so there's something really nice about having some support with meals.

Something else I wanted to share (in the spirit of the Holidays and Blogmas) is that you can purchase Fresh Prep Gift Cards on their website and those would make fantastic Christmas gifts!

 Hopefully I've answered any questions you might have but let me know if you have any more. I'd be happy to answer them if I can!

*This post isn't sponsored by Fresh Prep but I wanted to mention that every time the link is used to redeem the three free dishes, I get a free dish!

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