How I Toddler Proofed Our Christmas Tree

It's probably a little late to post about Christmas decorations because everyone on my instagram started decorating a few weeks ago. I thought I would still post this in case anyone hadn't figured out how they wanted to toddler proof, they aren't happy with how their current toddler proofing is going, or maybe you have a baby now and you'll need tips for next Christmas.

 A few months ago I started googling ways to toddler proof our Christmas Tree. There were a lot of ideas but my favourite was building a wall around the tree with large (heavy) boxes that are wrapped like Christmas gifts. I was set on doing this until I started putting up our tree. That's when I started realizing that the wall of boxes was going to take up a lot of room and it would just make our living area feel smaller. I contemplated just not putting decorations where he could reach them but that would be too much of the tree. Our decorations aren't expensive but they do break and I don't have too many I would want to risk him grabbing. 

So, I came up with this and even though it's not revolutionary, I'm happy with it and wanted to share it with all of you. If you're looking to toddler proof your tree without taking up too much space in your living area, this might be an option for you.

I took one of the larger storage tupperware bins that had been housing our Christmas decorations, and filled it with any heavy book I could find. My cookbooks finally came in handy haha. Once it was heavy enough that I could Thomas couldn't tip it I put the tree on top. 

Now, my process to secure the tree might sound like overkill but this is just one of those situations where I'd rather be safe than sorry. I taped the tree to the stand using masking tape so Thomas couldn't move it and then I covered the bin with one of my holiday table cloths and taped it in place. Next, I screwed two little screws into the wall and secured the tree to the wall with string so he couldn't pull the tree down. I also used the string to pull the bottom layer of the tree up a tiny bit so it was a little further out of Thomas' reach.

I stood Thomas next to the tree and put his arm up and that's the lowest point where I would put decorations. I think he can technically reach the bottom ribbon so we will see if he tries. So far he has had no interest in the tree but I doubt that will last long.

So that's it! I'm happy with it! What sort of holiday toddler/baby proofing did you do? I'd love to hear your fave ways to keep your decorations safe!

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