My Current Uniform - Styled Two Ways

There has been a lot of talk about capsule wardrobes lately. While I can’t say I have formalized a capsule of my own, I recently did a huge purge and I currently have the smallest wardrobe that I’ve ever had.

I know what I like and what I feel good in and at this point the rest was just a distraction. I was holding onto pieces that didn’t fit properly, had been worn so much that they were falling apart or they didn’t fit my current lifestyle. It was hard letting them go because I liked what they represented. I had some amazing memories attached to those pieces. To make it easier I have stored some of them in bins in the garage and if I don’t miss them within the next year then we officially part ways.

But back to what’s now in my closet. I have silhouettes and colours that I love and feel good wearing. I’ve also chosen colours that are easy to mix and match to create a variety of outfits. This Fall I’ve been drawn to red, navy and then white, grey and black.

I’m also happy my two favourites are in style right now. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’m a blazer and loafer addict.

I’ve only noticed one gap in my wardrobe. I have t-shirts and dressy tops but I can’t find tops that fit somewhere in the middle. I’m not even sure what I’m looking for if I’m honest. I’m not going to force it because that’s when I make purchases I don’t love so I’ll keep my eyes open and maybe one day I’ll figure out what I want haha.

Lately I’ve been taking the same base, comfy skinny jeans (seriously these high waisted jeggings from Zara are so stretchy and the comfiest ever) and a basic tee and then dressing it up or down.

Wearing this base with keds and a long cardigan is my uniform right now. I can play with Thomas (wearing this white tee isn’t always the best choice depending on the activity but I like to live on the edge haha) and still feel put together.

 Zara Cardigan, T-shirt from Aritzia, Zara High Waisted Jeggings, and Keds

Swapping the cardi for a blazer and my keds for booties or loafers elevates the look a little bit. I wore this outfit with a black blouse for my birthday dinner recently and I loved it. I love feeling put together while still being comfortable.

Zara Blazer & Booties (old) from Urban Outfitters

So these are the looks I’ve been living in. As it cools down even more I’m sure I’ll be layering some sweaters under the blazer and long coats on top of the cardigan. Sigh, I just love layering in the cooler months. Summer style is just not my thing haha.

What is your current uniform?

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