Developing Photos so They Don't Live on My Phone Forever

 (Photos by Alicia)

If you can't tell by the fact that I am wearing shorts in these photos, I have been meaning to post this for a long time. When Thomas was born, and my obsession for taking 3500 photos of him a day began, I committed to myself that those photos wouldn't just live on my phone and computer. I was determined to print them out and put them in actual photo albums. I was also determined to write the date on the back of the photos. I know that when I'm looking through photos of me as a kid, I love that the dates are usually on the back of the photos.

I decided that on the 5th of every month, after I took my monthly update photos of Thomas, I would do a photo order. I chose to use the London Drugs photolab (not sponsored) because they had an app. So all I would do is 'favourite' any photos I wanted to develop and then I could upload them to the app straight from the favourites folder. It was also helpful because when I picked up the order (it was usually done within a couple hours) I could then just go back to the favourites folder to get the dates of the photos. The entire process from uploading to putting dates on them was only a few hours.

Now that I'm not taking as many (I still take way too many) photos, and I'm no longer doing monthly update photos, I only get a photo order every 2-3 months. I am going to do one at the start of November but all of my photos have already been marked as favourites so I'm ready to go.

So that's my photo developing process! I thought I would share it in case anyone has been thinking of getting some photos developed but feels like the process seems a little daunting.

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