Thomas' First Birthday Party

Photos taken by Thomas' amazing Auntie Alicia.

I still can't believe Thomas is one! We had such a blast celebrating with his little friends and their families (who are luckily all our good friends). We feel so fortunate Thomas is so loved and we have a few more birthday celebrations planned with family this summer. 

I absolutely loved planning Thomas' birthday. I knew I would only get to plan his first birthday once so I really wanted to enjoy the entire process. I went back and forth on a few different themes but I decided to keep it simple. Different shades of blue did the trick and I just added a few elephant details within the decor because we love a good baby elephant toy.

I think one of my favourite parts of the decor was the banner hanging above the dessert table with Thomas' photos pinned to it. Seeing him grow from one month to twelve months just makes me so happy. I had seen something very similar on pinterest that I wanted to recreate and I'm so happy it turned out. 

I admittedly am not a huge fan of hosting events. I tend to overthink and stress about everything. I also spend the hours after the event second guessing everything and worrying that everyone hated it. So, I'm so so happy that I allowed myself to shut my mind off and just enjoy. I tried not to worry about anything once the party started (if any of my guests didn't have fun... I'm sorry but I'm not sorry, I had a really nice time haha) and I just enjoyed my time chatting with everyone and cuddling the birthday boy.

Although, I probably shut my mind off a little too much because for the first time ever I just forgot to pull my camera out. I took no photos. The heck? I'm so appreciative Alicia took photos because otherwise I wouldn't have any of these beautiful memories captured!

Cake: IGA. I picked up a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake for $10 each from their bakery.
Fondant Elephant cake topper: Made by my mom but you can order fondant cake toppers on etsy.
Happy Birthday Banner, The large decorative fans, the silver candles and a few other details that weren't photographed: The Sweet Party Shop on Etsy
Candy Bar Vases and Scoops: Party City
Balloons, the ONE balloons, party hat and the small blue decorative fans: Party On in Walnut Grove

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