12 Things I've Learned this Year

I can't believe Thomas is a year old. Seriously, time needs to slow down! Emotions have been high over the last couple months because so many changes are about to take place. My return to work means Thomas will be going to a daycare a few times a week. I know it'll be good for him because he's such a mama's boy but I'm actually more worried about me hahaha. No, but seriously, this transition will be a hard one. Until then I'm trying to just focus on enjoying every minute I get to spend with my little boy. I've also been doing a lot of reflecting on everything I've learned over this last year. So I thought I would share with you 12 of the (many) things I've learned over the past 12 months.

I've learned:

1. To wake up each morning with zero expectations for the day. Some days I tackle my to do list and some days I don't. Some mornings Thomas likes oatmeal and some mornings he doesn't. Some days he wants to play alone  and some days he's attached to me like a baby koala. It's just easier for all of us if I go with the flow.

2. That given a choice, a baby will always choose to poop in a freshly changed diaper.

3. That I'm actually really patient when I need to be. Who knew!?

 4. Not to buy something unless I'm okay with it getting ruined. Clothing, furniture, anything. At this point I assume it'll get stained and/or damaged.
5. That being a baby must be difficult, painful and scary. Learning life would be confusing and hard. Your brain is growing so quickly and every time you wake up things look different. Your body is always growing and uncomfortable. And on top of that you can't properly communicate what you are feeling? How frustrating.  I'd have little tantrums too. Oh, and teething is a biiiiitch.
6. There is nothing that a baby giggle can't fix.

7. That letting your baby learn how to tumble and fall is terrifying. But watching them finally learn how to balance is so much fun.

8. I will probably never get to go to the bathroom alone again.

9. That my parenting journey is uniquely mine. I can't compare myself to other moms and I can't care what other people think.

10. To be present and enjoy the small moments of every stage. Wishing away the difficult moments also mean wishing away the amazing ones.

11. There will always be crumbs on my floor no matter how often I sweep. Just when I think I've swept them all up, more crumbs magically appear.

12. That having a bad hour or a bad day doesn't make me a bad mom. We are raising tiny humans, of course there will be difficult moments. Having a rough day is normal and everyone has them, parent or not. For every difficult moment in my day there are a handful of moments that make me insanely happy. I've had to deal with some emotionally draining moments this year but I've also never laughed or smiled more in my entire life.

I know I have a long way to go in this parenting journey but so far I'm loving every second of it. What did you learn during your first year of parenthood?

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