Healthy Sweet Treats to Satisfy those Cravings

What is it about cold weather that makes my will power go out the window? I could easily eat a bulk bag of m&m's in one sitting right now. I've had to stock my freezer with some healthy options that will satisfy my sweet treat cravings so I don't run out to get chocolate when the cravings get bad and I get weak.

If you're someone who likes (very) minimal prep than this first snack is for you! Frozen grapes have become one of my favourite go to snacks and all I have to do for prep is wash them and divide them into little freezer bags. I always have a few bags in the freezer and they are so yummy! This is coming from a girl who doesn't particularly love grapes normally. I started munching on these in the evenings and now I actually crave them when we are watching movies after dinner. A much better craving than the candy I used to grab. The only downside is that grapes aren't exactly the cheapest fruit at the grocery store but I'm sure you could substitute grapes for any frozen fruit. I love frozen peach slices and frozen pineapple as well. While I haven't tried them frozen, I could imagine blueberries and raspberries would also be delicious.

My next go-to sweet treat will satisfy any chocolate craving you might have and the best part? There is no refined sugar in this recipe! The next best part? They are super easy and involve no baking. They are the No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Cookies by Oh She Glows and they are delicious. I highly recommend doubling or tripling this recipe because they won't last long once they are made. I shared this recipe with a friend of mine who has a 3 year old and a 5 year old and she said they loved them as well.

This final recipe has replaced store bought granola bars for me for good. The New Mama Glo Bars by Oh She Glows are so full of healthy ingredients that they are the perfect guilt free grab and go snack. I added some dark chocolate to the top of my latest batch which was a really great idea. Did I mention this is also a no-bake recipe?

I've been keeping all three of these in little baggies in my freezer which has made battling my cravings so much easier. If you have any go-to healthy "sweet treat" recipes that you love please send them my way!

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