A Little Painting Project

When we moved into our new home we decided to wait a little while before hanging anything on the walls. We just put up some photos behind our dining table but now that we are ready to hang up some art as well, we I can't decide exactly what we I would like.

The last few weeks I've been craving a creative project to tackle so I picked up some paints and got to work. Two birds. One stone. Obviously if I attempted to paint for the first time since elementary school I would be able to pull of something worthy of putting on our walls, right?

I wasn't sure what the final result would be because I honestly can't even remember when I painted last but I'm happy with how it turned out! All I know is, Thomas had a really great time! Haha!

He just loved watching the paint brush and sponges and when he wasn't focused on watching me paint he was laughing. He laughed until he tuckered himself out and went down for a nap. So he slept during the clean up... typical.

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