A Sunday Coffee Date

Happy Sunday, friends! I have my coffee next to me so I thought we could have a little coffee date! Grab your coffee and let's chat!

Today I am going to attempt to finally tackle the daunting task of organizing our master closet. Or at least I'm going to finally come up with a plan on how I'd like to organize it. Probably the latter.

The rest of the house has been unpacked since right after we moved in but my clothes and toiletries haven't quite found their place.

I've walked into Walmart and Homesense more than once to find myself standing there staring at toiletry and makeup organization completely overwhelmed. I just have no idea how I want to organize under my sink. The bathroom organization is a piece of cake compared to the closet because at least it's budget friendly. We had such little space in our last bathroom that I just turned our second bedroom into my closet and vanity area. So I got used to having an entire room to store all of my crap stuff.  

This is my dilemma with our closet. Do I buy a few small temporary storage solutions or do we spend a little more and get a nicer organization system now? I'm not exactly sure what I would even want so what if we buy the nicer system and then decide we wanted something different? So do we go with the temporary storage items until we figure out what we want? Even though we are still spending money on the temporary storage? What's that? Just throw everything on the ground and lock the closet door? Done!

All I know is that I really want everything to have a place and I need to be able to see everything (within reason) or I will forget I own it.

In the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty lucky that my biggest challenge right now is organizing my closet so I can't complain. Also, I'm not in a huge rush to get everything put away so I have time to come up with a plan that checks all the right boxes. If you guys have any tips I'd love to hear them!

Some Thomas updates: On Tuesday he will be 16 weeks old and on the 5th he will be 4 months. WHAT? I already thought time was flying by but after having Thomas it has sped up even more. Although it feels like it's been a year since I was pregnant so actually, time is just weird.

We are seeing little Tommy C's personality more and more each day. Obviously this is my first go at this whole mom thing and I really didn't realize how much I would love watching him learn. The pride that comes along with seeing his growth and development every day just makes my heart so full. I'm that annoying mom who only wants to talk about my baby and I'm totally fine with that. I can't speak for the people I'm talking to but so far no one has yelled at me ;).

Lastly, I challenged myself to get 10,000+ steps every day for one year and today is day 50! There were a few days when I had a cold that I hated this challenge so much but otherwise I've really loved the extra motivation to get moving. I had slowed down on weighing myself because the scale wasn't being too friendly and I told myself I was probably gaining muscle (cue the queen of rationalizing) and I decided to focus more on the body photos I take each month. Today was when I took the third set of photos and I'm happy to see progress. I do think my losing fat/gaining muscle theory was at least partially correct because the number on the scale isn't much lower than it was 10 weeks ago but I can see that I am getting healthier and more fit!

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday. I have a few blog posts coming up next week that I am really excited for so stay tuned for those. Thomas has been patiently sitting on my lap watching me type since waking up from his nap a few minutes ago so I think we should go back to playing.

Talk soon!

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