J Crew Blouse
Top Shop Pumps
Kate Spade Bag

Can we all please ignore the fact that I am yet again wearing navy, black and white and focus on the fact that I'm having some technical trouble over here at the moment (spoiler alert, I'm typing this up on Sunday night). I switched up a few things, technology wise, while filming and editing my latest vlog and now my brain is broken trying to get everything to work. As hokey as filming the vlogs on my iphone may have been, it was the easiest process ever. I am not tech savvy enough to handle these kinds of situations when I'm this tired so my brain is fried. I'm sure I'll figure it out quickly once I have slept (this past week was one of very little sleep... I blame you, work).

Happy Monday!

Is that even possible?

I've worn this blouse in many different ways
..   here    ..........................   here   .............................. here    .......................... here   .


  1. haha aww I'm sure you will figure it all out and get better! dealing with new technology on little sleep is never a good idea I've been there.
    This outfit is so cute! love the whole nautical feel and I'm obsessed with anchors!
    Happy Monday is very much possible :)

  2. I've having intense technology problems lately so I totally know how you feel! You look great btw!


  3. mmmmm how about I love that you're wearing black and white again! I love that skirt and the polka dots look killer with is and you look awesome standing against that lush background. all around success, if you ask me.

  4. Very original and put together outfit. I love print mixing and you're doing it very well here. Beautiful style!



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