Jacob Trench (c/o)
Gap Blouse (similar)
American Apparel Skirt
JCrew Tights
Aldo Pumps
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

When I purchase an item of clothing, I'm either sick of it after wearing it twice or I end up wearing it a gazillion times. There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground. Unfortunately my closet seems to be filled with pieces I hate right now (I will never, ever understand how it's so jam packed and yet I have nothing I want to wear). There are a few reliable staples in there that I have had for years and this outfit is made up of those pieces. I've worn all of these pieces more times than I can count and I recently removed the ruffle off the front of this blouse to make it feel new again.  

I've attempted shopping a few times recently and I just don't see anything I want to buy. So until I get out of this slump of disliking everything in stores and in my closet, I will have to rely on those go-to, overly loved, pieces. If I don't start liking clothes again you might end up seeing my most loved items of clothing on here, my sweat pants. 

A few other ways I've worn this skirt and jacket.
...  here                                  here                                     here                                  here                                       here


  1. you can never go wrong with plaid/checked shirts in my opinion!!


  2. Lol the story of my life, you know what helps a lot? organising! You get a chance to see at all your clothes and fall in love with them all over again and remember the reason why you got them! I like this outfit a lot, is trendy and so chic!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  3. awh, I have sometimes find myself in a wardrobe-slump too and gosh, do I dislike them! It's good to have a go-to outfit, and I'm loving yours! That plaid blouse is perfect for fall ^^ xo

  4. Ive had the opposite problem! When I go downtown I feel like I'm buying the place out! Its terrible! haha


  5. I totally love the combination of two unlikely items - the plaid top with the whimsy skirt is unexpected but adorable too. - Katy

  6. very chic look!
    love it:)

  7. I love wearing favourite pieces over and over again. But I hear you, I do feel a little guilty about all the items I rarely reach for.

  8. You look fresh to me, even if you're not feeling it! I need to get my hands on that skirt-looks like it would go with anything. Whenever I am in a fashion slump I look at Pinterest for layering ideas or rifle through my closet and try to find a shirt-scarf combo that I've never tried. Or look at the bottom of my laundry basket and discover stuff that's been in there for weeks... ;)



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