day off

Joe Fresh Trench
Zara Blouse
Gap Jeans
Coach Bag
Zara Pumps
J.Crew iphone case (from the outlets)

One of my favourite ways to spend my day off is with my good friend Kristi and her two adorable kids. I ran some errands last Thursday (I spent quite a while in David's Tea) and then spent a few hours chatting with Kristi and watching her 2 1/2 year old Isabel colour. Isabel's white t-shirt was covered in blue marker by the time I left but she left my white blouse alone. I would have just asked her to colour on me in orange, that way it would match my pumps.


  1. love this outfit! the polka dots are so fun and i love a classic trench.

  2. Lovely look! Loving the bright pumps! And is that trench from this season? It's perfect! I must find a trench like that ASAP!

    Bold Subtlety

  3. I'm loving this classic outfit! I don't know how I don't own a trench... that needs to change! x


  4. I love this look and your phone case is adorable! What did you get at Davids Tea? I could spend hours in there....


  5. Such a pretty outfit, as always!

    I was going to say, I love your case and hope I can find one like it....and then I saw that it's from the J Crew outlet, which means I will likely see it and have to buy that. Adorable!

    xoxo Jackie

  6. So simple but so gorgeous! Need those pumps.


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