problems solved

Jacob Jean Jacket (really old)
Oak and Fort Maxi
Matt & Nat bag
Aldo Sandals & Aviators
Blue Ruby Necklace

I recently talked about my inability to venture out and wear sunglasses other than my over sized black pair so this weekend I decided to wear a pair of aviators that I bought years ago and have never worn. I also posted about how even though I love maxi dresses, the floor length skirts often felt too formal, so I decided to wear a far less formal feeling ankle skimming maxi dress. Problems solved. Sure they were ridiculously trivial problems, but I solved them none the less.

What are your thoughts on this length of maxi dress or skirt? I have heard mixed reviews but I really like it. It's an easier length to wear than the floor skimming variety and it just feels more casual. Do you have a preference?


  1. Yay to the aviators, they look so good on you! Cute look, I can never restist wearing maxis for the weekend!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. this is like my go-to weekend outfit -- you look fab in this! xo


  3. Totally agree with you. A floor length maxi makes me feel way too done up! Love that you paired yours with a casual jean jacket!

    Bold Subtlety

  4. i love your bag, such a pretty color! :)

  5. Love the aviators! SO cute on you! And the maxi is perfect.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. Great casual weekend outfit!

  7. I have the same maxi dress (but in purple) and love it! You look great in it :)


  8. I love this look on you Melissa. I also prefer the "shorter maxi". Those aviators are great too!



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