Lise Watier

Lise Watier's Fall 2013 Tartantastique Collection was beautiful. "Tartantastique is a reinterpretation of the tartan trend, both rebellious and sophisticated with rich textures and brilliant effects." I'm really excited that this line will be available at London Drugs from August to October 2013.

1. Eyeshadow Quartet:(in Limited Edition Quatuor Tartantastique). This eyeshadow palette is really gorgeous. The colours are nicely pigmented and look great on the skin. I'm more into a natural eye right now so the only colours I've worn more than once are the delicate pink and the hunter green which created a beautiful smokey eye.

2. Nail Lacquer: (in Limited Edition Pink Plaid). I chip nail polish like no one's business. Unless it's professionally applied I usually have chips in my polish within 30 minutes of applying it. I rarely wear nail polish because of work so I probably apply it wrong but regardless, I'm like a nail polish toddler. This colour was really pretty but unfortunately I did chip it off pretty quickly. I'm sure someone with actual skill at applying nail polish could tell you how it actually stays on long term but I'm not that girl.

The piece de resistance is the light in the lid. It was so much easier applying the polish without having to worry about my hand creating a shadow over the nail I'm trying to apply polish to. The light is such an amazing idea and it really did make the process easier.

3. Ombre Souffle Supreme Eye Shadow: (in Limited Edition Tartan Magique): Again, I'm not much for wearing any colour on my eyes right now but this shadow really does provide a lovely colour. It's light and silky and I thought it stayed on a little longer than other shadows I've worn.

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