mia 2 update - week 2

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I have always been pretty basic with my skin care routine. I kept my skin clean, moisturized and that was all I really needed. This last year I noticed my skin changing and I was not a happy girl. I was okay with turning 30 but I am not okay with dull looking skin that never seems to feel clean. I also didn’t realize I would suddenly suffer from adult acne, which by the way is infuriatingly difficult to get rid of. The more I cleanse the worse it gets. I was looking forward to trying the Clarisonic Mia 2 because I was feeling really lost in the world of skin care. The routine that I’ve developed over the last two weeks is to use it at night (I’ll probably start using it in the morning as well soon) after I’ve removed my makeup. I’m using a dime sized amount of the cleansing gel (I was a little too gel happy the first few times and probably wasted a bit of it) and I prefer to use it on the ‘normal’ setting. In the first week of using it I noticed the skin around my chin looked cleaner which had been a huge concern of mine. After using it for two weeks I am finding my skin tone has evened out a bit (something I hadn’t even realized was an issue), and my complexion is a little brighter.  I’d say I’ve had a successful two weeks with the mia 2 so far!

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  1. A friend just introduced me to your blog, and I'm loving it! I'm 30 and share many of the same skin care concerns. Hang in there with the Mia. I really started to notice results after about a month, and my skin is now brighter, smoother, and clearer. It's really made such a difference!



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