{Wearing: Jacob Coat (c/o), Zara Top (old), True Value Vintage Jeans, Hunter Boots & Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag}
It's really difficult to avoid the cliche blogger rain talk when there is an umbrella and Hunter rain boots in the photos. I'm usually really affected by this gloomy weather and I throw myself a seasonal pity party (everybody's invited). This year I haven't noticed the gloom affecting me as much but it's still early in the season so we'll see what the next few months have to bring. Apparently S.A.D is pretty common so I'm sure there will be quite a few people at this pity party. Are you affected at all by the lack of sun? If you live somewhere that is sunny all year long, it's probably safer for you to not answer that question. All of us sun deprived people will probably attack. We're an angry bunch.


  1. No sun here too :( nothing but rain and chilly winds. Brr! I hope spring rolls around soon, because I can't stand the look of tights anymore! x

  2. I love your umbrella! It adds the best cheerful pop to the gloomy skies. Victoria is pretty miserable too and it has been raining forever. And I agree with Nikki! I'm over tights!

  3. Nothing like braving the rain in style. Love the polka dot umbrella.

  4. Despite the cold, I love that Calgary is sunny all the time. I really noticed the difference when I was back in Vancouver... I don't know how we live without sun all the time, it is glorious!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. ahhhhhh so adorable!!!! that umbrella is too cute; would make any rainy day a little bit more fun :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  6. at least you have a polka dot umbrella to make it all better.... so awesome!

  7. I love that polka dot umbrella:)
    kisses from Milano

  8. I'm with ya! I'm counting down the days until I board a plane and head to sunshine in Maui...just 26 days to go:)

    Jen xo

  9. totally feel you on the SAD thing.. but look on the bright side.. you have no snow ;)


  10. I'm totally missing the sun. Just have to stay positive for a couple of more months :)


  11. Your outfit makes a rainy day fun :)

    Please help me decide what charity I should fund for next! Checkout my latest post!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  12. I love your outfit and your polka dot umbrella is the perfect touch. xx. McKenna Lou

  13. We get lots of sun in Halifax in the winter, but we also get our fair share of freezing days too. Our weather is quite the yo-yo. Loving that blouse!


  14. i want your umbrella!!!! beautiful!

  15. You look so stylish! Love your blouse!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  16. I absolutely adore your outfit, it suits you so well! And the umbrella is so cute!

  17. I love that you post "real" outfits (including your coats) that you ACTUALLY wear in this weather. I see a lot of bloggers that have great outfits, but then I think "how are you wearing this in the middle of Winter?". My favourite flats have been tucked away until spring comes. At least today is gorgeous out and you can put the Hunters away for at least one day.

  18. I love everything about this outfit - it looks really put together. I've been seeing these Hunters EVERYWHERE in the fashion-blog world.


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