bye bye caffeine

 {Wearing: Zara Coat, F21 Vest, Gap Blouse, American Eagle Jeans, Aldo Pumps & Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag}

A little while ago I mentioned that, after cutting out coffee, I felt less tired. I was completely fine with cutting out coffee and while I would have a cup occasionally, I would usually just have a green tea for a kick of caffeine if I needed one.

I recently learned that caffeine might have actually been the problem. That caffeine, as well as a handful of other elements of my diet, may be working against my body and making me tired and weak. I'll tell you more about it later this week but right now I want to complain a little bit about the fact that I miss having caffeine as a crutch. Even if it did absolutely nothing to help me, it was always nice when I was feeling extra tired to think "no worries, I'll go rely on caffeine to get me through the day".

Now that I don't have that crutch I feel a little lost. What am I supposed to do? Eat well and exercise for energy? Ugh, lame. Hahaha no, I actually feel empowered by the knowledge I've gained and I am sure once I have all my multivitamins under control I will feel more energized. But right now? Right now I am falling asleep on my laptop and I really wish I could rely on a quick fix to wake me up.


  1. Two things: 1.) I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! The layered jackets, the red plaid, the studded sleeves... a lotta gorgeousness happening here. 2.) I'm going through the same thing! I gave up cola (I drank 1-2L of diet pepsi a day...) and then switched to green tea and now don't even need anything, where before I'd NEED something to curb awful headaches, etc. I find I am sleeping better and so much more clear without it!

  2. Too bad about coffee! I've cut down to one a day and I also find I am less tired. I had 2 yesterday and felt more tired! Interesting.
    Maybe when spring/summer comes you'll adjust a bit better. This weather is probably NOT helpful.
    Style in the City

  3. I love this outfit!! and I'm wearing the same shirt in my post today just in a different colour!..great minds think alike! and I need to cut out coffee too!! UGH I'm sipping one right now..dramz


  4. what a great coat on you! and even though I'm not a coffee drinker have you thought of switching to tea? I'm addicted to tea and never feel tired or sluggish from it. xo


  5. Every time you wear that jacket I want it more and more! I am cutting out caffeine too. I only have it under emergency circumstances and in tea. I've found that after a week of small morning headaches, I do just fine without it! Crazy how it's such an addiction!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. Great outfit. Don't stress about the caffeine. I'm sure you will find other ways to feel energized and be healthier. I should cut out caffeine too...
    The Pumpkin Spot

  7. I just love that jacket of yours ... the sleeves are amazing!!
    I can't drink caffeine either ... I have some sort of weird allergy too it but I never really drank it in the first place so I guess I am lucky in a way!

  8. I love your plaid shirt! You look so pretty in these photos. xx. McKenna Lou

  9. I've really cut back on how much caffeine I have. I'm trying to drink more water and herbal teas, but sometimes (like this morning) a girl just needs her coffee. You are so brave;)

    Jen xo

  10. Hahaha exercise and eat health god forbid. That made me laugh. It feels good when you break out of the caffeine cycle. It's probably the depressing fog that wears you out.

  11. Your coat seems very nice !! it's lovely ! Nice outfit for this winter.


  12. That jacket is so fab! I love it. And I totally know what you mean about caffeine Melissa! I used to drink a large every day, and then when I didn't I felt so exhausted. I've weened myself off of it, and now I don't have it every day and when I do I honestly get an x-small and can't even finish it! I am so glad because it just makes you feel more tired and lazy when you're addicted! xo

  13. "What am I supposed to do? Eat well and exercise for energy? Ugh, lame."
    haha so funny and I can totally relate! Coffee is so good, but you're better off without it. I love your coat, you look lovely! :)

    join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!

  14. I was just reading about doubling coats on Ruffles and Sequins and here you are giving us the perfect example! I love it. You look smashing.

  15. I absolutely can relate. Coffee isn't so bad for me to skip, but tea? Eating an apple or going for a walk just is not the same. Grumble.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  16. I seriously don't think I could ever cut out things like coffee. I mean I know if pressed I could but the thought makes me sad. So huge respect for you! And I adore your Zara jacket - such a beautiful piece.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com


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