so much glamour

{Wearing: Zara Coat & Knit Dress (both old), Lulu*s Pumps, Marc by Marc Jacob's Bag}

My decision to take this week off of work ended up being an amazing one. I couldn't have asked for better weather (I better not jinx it by saying that) and I'm really looking forward to getting caught up on life. I spent most of Sunday getting some fall cleaning done because I was far too lazy in spring. I have been pinning recipes like crazy on Pinterest and even though I will probably never make any of them, I'm feeling really good about my pinning decisions. I saw (and looooved) Pitch Perfect with my sister even though I normally avoid movie theaters like the plague. Oh, and I bought a new toilet paper holder for my bathroom. I'm living a glamorous life my friends...


  1. your life is more glamorous than mine! hahaha love this outfit!!

  2. I love that jacket on you!!!


  3. Love the shoes! I saw Pitch Perfect the weekend too, loved every second of it.
    Enjoy your time off.


  4. Aw so nice that you got some much-needed time off! Love this look, that coat is amazing :)

    Alex xo


  5. *Quiet chuckle re toilet paper holder*
    Love the bright blue coat.

  6. Glamourous life indeed :)
    Umm those heels are pretty glamourous though! Have a good week off!

    <3 Kastles

  7. The heels are to die for!! and so glad this blue is the hip new colour, makes me happy happy!!

  8. Too cute. I'm happy to hear the week off from work was well spent! I totally want to see Pitch Perfect!!
    Love your heels.


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