how to create a day appropriate smoky eye

Products used:

Base eye shadow
: Revlon Colorstay 575 Delightful palette 
(lightest color in the palette)
Medium eye shadow: Lancome Bronze Amour 101 palette 
(I used the crease color on my eye lid. I'm a rebel)
Dark eye shadow: Lancome Bronze Amour 101 palette
(liner color)
Eye Liner: Lancome Black Ebony pencil
Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous Power Collagen in Blackest Black


  1. I couldn't pull off a smokey eye for night let alone day, but if I did ever decide to try to give it a go, this would be my go-to tutorial! Love how defined it made your eyes and I'm on board with any tutorial that advocates coffee.

    Alex xoxo

  2. You are freakin' awesome I LOVE your videos!! So good and funny and informative, perfect mix.
    xo Cara

  3. Love your videos!!! Thanks for sharing your tips! p.s love your pink room- mine was covered in rainbows. Rainbows and pink. Totally get it. ;)


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