Wavy Hair Tutorial Video

Yah yah yah I'm super awkward on video. I think we all need to move past that. I'm sure there are some people who can make a perfectly not awkward hair tutorial in one take but I am not that girl.

Try not to judge the quality of the video as well. My poor little point and shoot did the best it could.

The Curling Iron I am using in the video is the Jose Eber TriBarrel. This adorable hot pink curling Iron has the same wand that I used as well if you're not in the market for a TriBarrel iron.

PS, you can receive 15% off the entire Jose Eber Website with the coupon code MELISSA15!!

If you have any questions email me at melissa@miss-melissa.com.


  1. I've been attempting a video with the same curling iron but the first one turned out terribly (quality-wise... used my iphone in the front facing mode and I was so blurry/pixelated) but this definitely makes me feel better about doing one! I have avoided videos for the most part, I always get nervous, but I love watching videos from other bloggers, so I should just suck it up! I do love this curling iron though! It's great! And I do the same as you sometimes & brush it!

  2. Well Done Melissa! Getting in front of the camera is hard, but just try to have confidence :) My only suggestion might be to try and get a bit more even lighting. For hair tutorial its probably OK, but if you ever do a makeup one, lighting is really important.
    I have very fine hair too, so I'm hoping you "brush and re-curl" method might help make mine last too.


  3. very cute, love your hair!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  4. you aren't goofy at all! and i've been thinking about investing in a clamp-less curling iron for a little while now, thanks for the tip!

  5. Great job Melissa! I'll definitely be trying out the technique you showed :) Your hair always looks wonderful!

  6. curling iron behind the hair....I have to remember that one!
    great tutorial, you have the best curls!

  7. Love the video! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  8. Thanks for the video. Please do more tutorials. Love your blog.

  9. Great tutorial!! Your curls are gorgeous

  10. I am in a little shock with how few curls you do for your entire head. I think I do that many in just the front portion of one side.


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