So I've Realized...

{Wearing: J.Crew Blouse & Skirt, Aldo Pumps, Matt & Nat Clutch}

If I didn't have a style blog I wouldn't even blink an eye at re-wearing items in my closet. But for some reason, perhaps thanks to the fact that so many of my outfits are photographed, I feel like I have to jump up and down waving my arms to warn all of you that I am wearing something you've already seen.

Have any of you ever made me feel obligated to always wear new things? No. So where does this expectation come from? From my own crazy little mind. So here I am, jumping up and down to warn and waving my arms at you that nothing here is new.

If I've realized anything in the past month of barely shopping it's that I really do love styling newly purchased pieces with the pieces that are already in my closet and that I'm getting bored trying to restyle all the same clothing. I've also realized that if I were to go shopping, I'd need to take a sedative first, because I have absolutely no will power on a good day and after not shopping for so long I'd probably buy everything I could see. I've also realized that this problem is probably classified as a shopping problem... darn it!


  1. great way to mix prints here! you look fab! xo


  2. Adorable combo - love it girl
    xo Krystin

  3. Having a style blog will make you an even bigger shopaholic. How dare you wear something twice! Ha! I feel the same way, it's also refreshing though to learn more about what's in your closet and how you can remix it into something totally new. That's definitely something I've learned.

    xoxo Jessica

  4. I feel you girl, ever since I started my blog shopping has gotten out of hand so I so know the feeling when it comes to shopping. I try everyday to force myself to looks at my already purchased clothes in a different way ... fun and new when I pair them with something new!
    I love this outfit ... the pop of red in the heels is so awesome!

  5. for a not new outfit, it ain't so bad!

  6. I feel ever since I started my blog I have shopped way way more than I used to. It also helps that I have a decent job now and I'm not a starving student haha. I love pairing my old pieces with the new!
    You look lovely btw! this outfit has a very vintage feel :)


  7. Blogging does make you feel guilty about re-wearing items. I think it's because you don't want to bore your followers or you want to showcase the latest trends. I don't know, but it really can drive you to shop constantly so you're on-trend and not boring.

    That being said, I love the mixed prints here and the pop of red is fabulous.

  8. Well said! I feel like this all the time- with or without blogging!

    You look great as per usual :) I am wearing polka dots today as well- they make the day more fun.

    Dream in Fashion

  9. When I get new pieces, they are all I want to wear. It's funny how easily I can forget about things I once could not live with out. Love this skirt and shirt combo.


  10. That's why I only post 3 times a week! I have enough clothes that I haven't worn the same entire outfit twice (but reused a lot of tops and bottoms). And think, if you buy one shirt that's versatile, you can pair it with many bottoms to make a new outfit. Hmmm. I'm not helping, am I?


  11. nice work pairing prints! it really works!

    xo julesinflats.blogspot.com

  12. Haha no need to feel bad at all! And we probably wouldn't notice if you didn't tell us ;)

    Life Etc

  13. I LOVE this outfit so much. You're like a beautiful J.Crew ad and I want your entire outfit :) xo

  14. I do think that sometimes there is a pressure with style blogs to always have that new thing! But re-mixing and working new pieces in with wardrobe favourites are also one of my favourite things about style blogs!

    I love this combination of patterns too - it is so fun!

  15. LOVE your pattern mixing Melissa! Such a cute outfit. And I definitely know what you mean about feeling the pressure to always wear something new...I wish I could make that feeling go away! Sometimes I'll save & save a new item so I WILL have something new to wear...I think that might indicate a shopping problem/addiction too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. love the pattern on pattern. i love seeing that top, and all the ways you restyle it!


  17. Love the way you've mixed these two patterns!

  18. I completely understand! I feel like its a fashion blogging sin to wear the same pieces numerous times but it's not. It is a hard truth to accept (and many days I still don't accept it!) so know that you are not alone!


  19. I love your outfit. I also have the same feeling about always having to wear new things, and its hard to restyle old clothes over and over. Not fun, but you look cute!!!

    (Check out the giveaway... you can win something new to style!)

  20. stunning,love it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo


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