{Wearing: ShopRuche Blazer, Modcloth Dress, H&M Bag, Zara Pumps, Fossil Watch, MonikaLove s Bracelet (c/o)}

I have no Spring footwear. None. I am also drawing a complete blank to last Spring and what I wore on my feet. I will continue to wear my favourite Fall & Winter pumps for now but until I go shopping I am officially proclaiming a state of Spring footwear emergency in my closet.

(okay, now I kind of understand why my Dad says I'm dramatic)


  1. I love that you paired such a fun bag with this lady-like outfit!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. I like the long blazer over the dress - it's a shape I haven't tried yet. The purse is super fun, too! Looks great!

    More Charming in Person

  3. I totally get that footwear issue! I feel as though I face it every season! I got my TOMS flats for my birthday which definitely helped but I still feel as though something's missing... In any case, the shoes you chose are perfect so screw spring shoes, you're doing just fine :)

  4. I totally understand your spring shoe dilemma! I have a whole bunch of shoes in my cart at Aldo.. theyre so cheap right now!!



  5. it's like you were reading my mind posting this. i've been searching high and low on the internet today looking for some pair of nude sandals in a size 5 and i think i'm about to lose my mind! i guess i just tend to prefer fall footwear. anyway, your outfit looks great!


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