Old & New

{Wearing: American Apparel Top, Plum Skirt (old), Top Shop Pumps, Coach Lindsey Satchel}

During the winter I store all of my spring and summer clothes from past years in a different closet. I recently pulled those pieces out and mixed them in with my current favorites and was really excited with how inspired I was. Having not seen my spring clothes for so long made them feel new again! How do you organize your winter/ summer clothes during the off seasons?


  1. Love that skirt! So nice!
    I keep everything in the closet all the time....because there is empty space in there I will fill it and then have WAY more stuff than I need!

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. I keep them in a drawer and they take up space right now. When I move and have a bigger place, I will probably store them in see-through plastic containers. I like storing things because like you said, they feel new again =)
    Happy weekend!

    Style in the City

  3. You floral skirt is so so pretty. Love the black & white color combination. Have a great weekend Melissa!


  4. I love this look! The shoulders of that top are beautiful

  5. Great look! I store the most seasonal items under my bed in plastic bins. I always love pulling them out at the first sign on warm (or cold) weather and thinking up new pairings!


  6. Love the top! I wouldn't have guessed that it's AA.

  7. Living in LA, it's hard to predict what the weather will be like, and we have pretty mild winters. I pretty much keep everything out in the open, but I can tell I haven't worn something in awhile if it's buried deep in my closet. I need to reach in there...

    As for the outfit, I adore all of these pieces. I wouldn't think to pair that top and skirt together, but it looks wonderful!

  8. Do you put your off season things in hangers or in boxes? I have everything in one closet, so I see everything all the time. I like your skirt!


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