Computer vs. Charger

My laptop and laptop charger got in a fight yesterday. The charger won.

Since it's now refusing to do it's one job of charging my laptop I have no computer.

I'm hoping to get the situation fixed Friday but until then I won't have any outfit photos to post. Let's just all pretend that I posted an outfit today... And let's pretend it was good. Really good


  1. Oh I feel ya, my computer is just in a constant state ok "broken". Quite annoying.

  2. oooh! what an awesome outfit :)
    Good luck with your computer sitch

  3. That sounds like a nightmare. What kind of computer do you have?

  4. Aw no well I hope you get a charger soon! So good seeing you last night....especially enjoyed "I have a good cry scheduled for Friday night."

    Alex xoxo

  5. I think my laptop is definitely going to give up soon.. Thank goodness fo blog posting on my work computer haha
    Good luck!



  6. It's not hard to imagine a great outfit from you. Can't wait til you get another charger!

    Good luck (:


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