Bloggers Making Kony Famous

Please take 30 minutes and watch this video. Tweet about it, post it on your facebook... just talk about it. It's scary and sad to think about how long this has gone on without most of us even knowing about it.

Help make Joseph Kony famous so he can be stopped.

Join in on April 20th to help spread the word

@bloggersXKony #bloggersagainstKONY


  1. wow...such a powerful message. thank you for sharing.

  2. THANK YOU for sharing this...my heart was breaking that this is the reality of some of our fellow people. The video was incredibly well done, + the efforts are remarkable. I have a post going up shortly, but I just wanted to say cheers to you for sharing.

  3. Powerful message, but people should think carefully before donating to the Invisible Children.

    They want to fund the Ugandan Army. To search the surrounding countries.. as it is unlikely Kony is still in Uganda.

    Only send them money if you genuinely believe the Uganda government has the right to send their army into Kenya or the Congo. Remember that there was a war between Uganda and the Congo within living memory.

    There are many many charities you can donate money to that simply help rebuild schools and towns. Unicef, children of Africa etc.

    The Uganda army has also been known to use child soldiers. ='( Be careful who you send funding to.


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