15 year old Me.

{wearing: club monaco blouse, le chateau skirt, zara boots, f21 necklace}
photos taken by Cara

One of my favorite things to do when I'm alone* is to put on music really loud and dance around like an idiot. I used to do this all the time when I was a teenager and last night I decided I was tired of being an adult so instead of doing anything productive (ie, dishes or laundry) I danced around. At one point I did attempt to do some laundry but it turned into more of a trying on clothes/dancing session which became counter-productive as most of the clothes I tried on were originally hung up and then ended up on the floor. 15 year old Melissa would have been proud.

(*I use the term "alone" really loosely because sometimes my friends and family are there when I have dance parties. I'm pretty convinced the faces they maks while I'm dancing are because they are jealous of my kick ass dance moves)


  1. Ahhh! I also like to dance around and pretend I'm a 15 year old again.
    Only instead of my husband looking at me like i'm crazy, it's my kiddo.

    Great, I'm already turning into "the "embarrassing mom".

  2. love the skirt and love dance parties all by myself too, I have them on a regular basis!!

  3. Dancing alone and blasting the radio is a GREAT stress releaver. Great advice from a 15 year old. :)

    Love your outfit as well.


  4. I do this from time to time too. You should rock out to Tay Swift. She has great songs for dancing alone. That skirt is awesome on you, but if I ever attempted that I can promise you I'd look Amish.

  5. Love the maxi skirt! And I hate doing laundry!

  6. Love this outfit Melissa, that skirt is the most beautiful color and I am lusting over that necklace...you look gorgeous, you are such a good model, I always love taking pictures of you!
    I am pretty stoked that you have dance parties sometimes, because that is a weakness for me too...I have had that "beggin'" song we heard at the Fashion Gala on repeat since that night, and have been bustin moves all over, much to my boyfriend's chagrin. We may just have to have a dance party here this afternoon! You look lovely as always!
    ps. check out my last tweet, it is of us in front of the Mavi wall at the holiday party ;)
    xo Cara

  7. Bahaha, you are adorable! And I'm sure Mike is totally just jealous of your sweet moves! Too funny! I am loving your necklace here! So pretty!

  8. Sometimes letting loose like that is much needed though! Love the maxi skirt, Melissa!

    xo, alison*elle

  9. Sounds like SO.MUCH.FUN! Love a little impromptu dance party :) And you look gorgeous in that skirt!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Oh, I totally blasted my music and danced like a maniac too. It was a great way to exert energy. And I had so much when I was a teenager.

    Love the long skirt. Your outfit is simple and glam.


  11. In LOVE with that skirt!

  12. I am loving maxi skirts this fall, and yours is the perfect colour. Love how you've styled it as well!

  13. I love your outfit!
    I love it because I'm wearing an almost identical outfit myself today. I'll post that pic in a few days. You look great! :)


  14. LOL I giggled out loud, because I can so relate to this!!! There is nothing like the feeling of wiggling and bopping around to music in your house!!!
    Super cute, never lose the 15yr old you!
    Bella xo

  15. Haha I can totally relate to the crazy dancing... Except the bf and I do it together. If we're in a extremely silly mood ('normal silly' is our daily thing), we even dance to theme songs of TV shows. Yep, a bit crazy.

    I was looking forward to seeing an outfit post with that beautiful skirt! I think you did a great job on the styling - the top and necklace are gorgeous.

    See you tonight?!

    Social Experiment

  16. Dance parties are THE BEST! My boyfriend and I have them quite often, atleast 2-3 a week it's the best way to let off steam!

    Gorgeous outfit, I never would have thought to pair a top like that with the skirt but it says a lot :)


  17. I'm probably going to comment every time you wear this skirt, because I love it so much! Pleats are awesome! :)

    Cup of Tea

  18. That sounds like way too much fun. I, for one, do not do enough ridiculous dancing. Love the necklace!


  19. What a fun post! Love your skirt...perfectly put together! xo www.casualglamorous.com

  20. Laundry is hard for me, too... I definitely start putting together cute future outfits.

  21. hehe I love doing that too, dancing around alone! I just found your blog and you have cute style~ I love the skirt! following you now :)



  22. I LOVE this skirt! Actually this whole outfit. :) And dancing around to loud music in an empty house can be so ... Fun. hahaha

    Hannah @ myrunawaystyle.blogspot.com

  23. omg i love doing that esp late at night. it's even better when you live in your own place now that you're an adult b/c there are no parents telling you to go to bed. the best.

    I am so so so jealous you can pull off the maxi for fall. I feel like I'm too short to do it.

  24. really gorgeous colour of the skirt. and yay for being fifteen!


  25. OMG!!! I thought I was the only one who did this! That is so awesome and clearly why we're friends:-)

  26. Nice skirt.


  27. Wow!
    You´ve simply an amazing blog!
    I´m totally in love :))
    And you´re such a beautiful girl! What about following us each others? I´ll be really happy :)


  28. I absolutely adore that pleated skirt! so chic.



  29. You dance, I sing lol! My dogs give me the weird tilted head look "like what was that noise" haha I stumbled across your blog from a friend of mine:) love this look! Like everyone else said "the skirt is amazing" the whole look is darling! -m


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