Turkey Belly

Wearing: Gap Cardigan, American Apparel T-Shirt, Club Monaco Skirt, Urban Outfitter Booties & Bag, Vintage Scarf

{photos taken by Cara}

I know what you`re thinking. I seem so super cool so why am I at home blogging on a Saturday night and not out on the town? Well you're right, normally I'd be out doing {insert cool activity here} but tonight I'm too full of Turkey to move. It's Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada and tonight we had dinner at Mike's parents. 

I have another Turkey dinner at my mom's tomorrow so I think it's time to whip out my pants with the elastic waist. Another strategy is to wear a flowy skirt and place the waist band right above your turkey belly. Food baby camouflaged. Maybe I should put less effort into thinking up ways to hide a turkey belly and just go to the gym... nah.

Disclaimer: I lied, I probably wouldn't have been out on the town doing anything cool. I probably would have been watching something on the pvr or sleeping ;) I also know you weren't thinking about how cool I am. But a girl can dream.


  1. The skirt's a great idea to hide the turkey belly. With three turkey dinners this weekend, I'm going to need to come up with some inventive ways as well.. Hmm...

  2. Love your skirt!!! I found a skirt similar to that one at Aritzia. Cannot get enough of the flowy skirts!
    Bella xo

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Melissa! I love how you tied that scarf - so cute!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Smart move with pairing the flowy skirt for Thanksgiving dinners! No matter how full you're feeling, you guarantee that you're keepin it fashionable!

  5. I love the booties! I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair.

  6. Hey, who says hanging out at home can't be cool?! ;-) Maybe you're just so cool that you don't have to pretend by going out on Saturday night. Ha!

    I had to laugh about your post name... I will be having my Thanksgiving dinner in a few hours and then I'll probably feel exactly the same. Luckily we're having the dinner at our place, so the comfy pants are right there waiting for me.

    Enough about the food... I really like your outfit. The skirt is fabulous!

    Knitted Love

  7. I love love love that skirt!!

    Cup of Tea

  8. You're adorable and hilarious. Love the scarf!

  9. You've totally inspired me to wear a scarf like that next time I'm wearing a v-neck =] and you are totally cool, staying home watching stuff on the pvr is the bomb =D

  10. I love Thanksgiving food, so I am jealous of all the Canadians who got to enjoy it over the weekend.

  11. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! The blazer, the skirt, the booties, that tee with the scarf... perfect!

    I wish New Zealand would adopt a holiday like Thanksgiving. Because I can never pass up a good food baby opportunity. Hah!

  12. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I love that dress...looks adorable!

  13. the photos turned out so well, you look gorgeous!! I had so much fun with you, we definitely need to have another date soon!
    Glad to hear you had a happy Thanksgiving...turkey dinner is just soooo good!
    xo Cara

  14. VERY cute outfit! I love the pleated midi skirt with a simple t-shirt. And the addition of the scarf is a great touch.


  15. woah woah woah, y'all have Thanksgiving different times than us!?? Say whatttt?

  16. Like many of people that commented on this post, I have to say that I also love your skirt and gray t-shirt, you look stunning as in all your pictures!


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