I like those odds

Wearing: Zara Top, UO Shorts, F21 Shoes and Necklace

I had such a lovely weekend. It involved way too much food (shh, don't tell my trainer at the gym) and good friends. I have pictures to share from the wedding I attended as well as some from the next morning before brunch. There is nothing better then day 2 hair and slightly hungover eyes so I'm sure you'll love those pictures ;).

Also, I won .28 cents at the casino. I had to lose $4.72 in order to win my .28 cents but it was well worth it. I can't wait to buy my 5 - 5 cent candies and STILL have 3 cents left over. I wonder if I went to the casino with $100 if I'd be lucky enough to walk away with $17? I like those odds. That's sooo many 5 cent candies.  (I think someone should ban me from the casino). 


  1. You're day 2 hair is looking better than my day 1 hair. I think your major win just added that bit of bounce to your hair ;)

  2. I don't know...you look pretty fresh to me! Ah yes, the casino. Always fun when you win...even if you've lost;-)

  3. This outfit epitomizes simple summer chic. Love the pattern-mixing with the bright pop of red, and of course I love your bib necklace. ;-)

    It really does sound like you had a great weekend! Hope the rest of your week treats you well.

  4. Well I learned two things from this post: 1, that there are casinos in Canada (WHO KNEW), and 2, F21 apparently has the cutest printed floral shoes out there. I'm about to go pawn all my 5 cent candles to get me a pair..

  5. ok damn you for having the most perfect hair ever. seriously.

    F21 definitely made your outfit here first w/ the necklace, then with the printed shoes. cute!

  6. Love your outfit. Those shoes are super cute. <3



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