Vintage and Leather

Top: Vintage
Shorts: Club Monaco
Shoes: Aldo
Bracelets: Grand Cayman & Cozumel

 I wore this outfit on Monday until evening hit and goosebumps appeared on my already way too pale legs. Am I the only person too stubborn to want to wear tights any longer? No? Just me? Oh well. I'm all tights'd out.

Now, the lovely Liv awarded me the Versatile blogger award a few weeks ago and I've been horrible about properly accepting the award. All I have to do is tell you all 7 things about myself. Easy enough right? If only I could write "I love chocolate" 7 times and call it a day.

1) I can stand on my head for a really long time.

2) I love notebooks. I probably have 15 or so and they are all only 1/4 full.

3) I am pretty clumsy but I have never broken a bone (yet.. knock on wood!)

4) The only celebrities I've met are Isaac, Taylor and Zac from "Hanson"

5) I can't stand the theme song at the beginning of the show "Mash". It infuriates me for some reason haha.

6) I used to sing Oh Canada at minor league hockey games. And for teams like the Langley Chiefs and Coquitlam Express.

7) I started my blog in 2006, but then facebook came along and it seemed like an easier to way to share too much personal information and the blog was forgotten about. When I started writing the blog again about 3 years ago I deleted everything I had previously written as a fresh start. And since at that time only my friends read it and it still contained a lot of personal information. It was more of a diary I guess. Once more people started reading it I had to go back and delete it all again.

That's it! Okay lunch time!


  1. love that top! haha oh hanson, i remember those guys!

  2. I love how you paired the leather shorts with this top! I just bought some leather shorts last month and don't really know how to wear them.

    I'm also SO ready for the warmer weather. I was going to go sans tights today, but one look outside, and I had to put them on. Stupid cold weather!

  3. A fellow Hanson lover. Score! I actually saw them in concert about a month ago with SXSW. They were amazing, so grown up you would never recognize their music.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  4. haha having dozens of journals with three entries each is exactly why I started blogging. At least it saves on paper!

  5. hey! I found you through the style bloggers map! Cute blog, and I LOVE your shorts :)

  6. You are so adorable! haha I went without tights for a while there but it's back to chilly. Vancouver weather never can make up its mind, like that thunderstorm last night... what was that all about?!

  7. Amber: Thanks! I haven't worn it for some reason until now haha. And yes Hanson.. mmmbop

    Kimmie: I'm still trying to figure out WHEN to wear them. They feel really dressy to me fo some reason! haha

    Kayla: I saw their concert 3 years ago too... it was really packed surprisingly!

    Nikki: I'm also obsessed with lists and planning. I just never follow those plans ;)

    Heidi: Well it's nice to meet you! I'll have to stop by and visit your blog as well :)

    Cicy: Yes this weather is crazy! I have NO idea what last nights storms were about! Today I managed to take some pics outside and then got caught in a freak hail storm!

    Justine: Yes, shorts.. but they are leather. That means I can wear them when it's chilly without tights. :p

  8. loving the top!!! swesome that u met hanson! haha ;)

  9. Lovvve your shorts, and love that you met Hanson! Too cute!

  10. MELISSA, you are looking GOOD in those shorts! And what an incredible top! Hey you are not alone at all - I am totally tightsed out, too. And I love tights, but I am itching like crazy for some bare leg weather over here.

    Also - you met Hanson? Hehe. :)

  11. So many Hanson fans here! YEAH... I should scan the picture of us with them... it's not at all embarrassing. :P

    Also... I don't believe that you can still stand on your head for a really long time. :P I need proof!

  12. hey thanks for doing the 7 randoms! i'm impressed you can stand on your head for so long. And i had no idea you started blogging so long ago - kudos!

  13. I just found your blog today. love it. Now I follow. Can't wait to read more.

    shellseaoberski.blogspot.com - Giveaway today :)

  14. THAT.. SHIRT... Absolutely stunning! I adore it. It's so quirky!

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  15. That top is so unique. I love it!

  16. That top is so unique. I love it!

  17. That top is awesome, love the colors! I collect notebooks too not even ipad has taken place of them!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  18. Ahh.. a Hanson fan. Awesome!

    Very nice find with the vintage top!

  19. I am also super clumsy but have never broken a bone (knock on wood!) I love your top. The color is so pretty!

  20. Congrats on the award, you totally deserve it!! lol at Hanson!!

  21. remember when you guys bought an insane amount of Hanson tickets so I got to go? Didnt you end up sitting up front? LOL I LOVED Hanson once upon a time...oh and I totally get it...the Mash song also infuriates me -- if it ever comes on my tv it is INSTANTLY turned off.

  22. MAD props to this outfit. That shirt is just IT.

  23. very nice top!!
    i follow you, you follow me? :-$


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