Blazer & Boots: Zara
Blouse: Barefoot Contessa
Pants: American Eagle
Bag: Plum
Scarf that's tucked into my bag: Fine Finds

It's been less than a week since my "Health and Fitness" feature ended and since then I've noticed a couple changes! I have been far more consistent with my work out routine and I've developed an unhealthy craving for sugary sour gummy candies. Yah.. not quite the changes you were expecting were they!?

I'm not sure where this sudden craving came from. I've given in and chowed down on these candies a couple times (am I the only one with zero will power? eek!) but it's just so weird to me because it's not my usual sweet tooth. I've just been craving this one type of candy, nothing else - not even chocolate. (at one point, I told Mike I didn't want chocolate and I think he fell over. That's unheard of haha).

I know they say cravings can mean your body is deficient of certain vitamins so I've done some googling but so far I've just decided that all my body is deficient of is sugary sour gummy goodness.

So, lovely readers, if you see me with a bulk bag of 5 cent candies... tackle me to the ground and send me to some sort of rehabilitation clinic. Please and Thanks.


  1. Love the top!!

    I say give in to the craving...you're working out! :)

  2. this outfit just looks 'cool' that's the only way i can think to describe it!

  3. Give yourself a little "treat" every once in awhile so you don't cave in when you see it.

    Just Better Together

  4. i don't know if a tackling is quite necessary...you never know, someone might take you up on that...hehehe

  5. number one: you look so cute here! love that top & blazer!! number two: when I got groceries on Monday, I picked up a tub of sour gummie worms. Sometimes I think we're soulmates.

  6. My bf is obsessed with those 5 cent candies too. When he buys them, of course I can't help but eat them and we both end up sick - haha!

    xo, alison-elle.com

  7. Ohhh you know what I love?? Sour skittles! I could eat those until I'm sick.. and probably have on numerous occasions..

    On another note I love this outfit! That stripey top is cuuute and those boots are so great.


  8. I love your top. It's really cute.

    I think if you're craving something and don't eat junk all the time there's nothing wrong with giving in. Everything in moderation, right?

  9. don't worry i share your zero wilpower - sucks doesn't it? :P
    love your top and blazer x

  10. So I think you need to make a trip to Ohio to come teach me how to do my hair nice and pretty like yours. It literally looks good every day! Also, love the outfit...I wish I had a Zara nearby!

  11. But that's exactly why I work out---so I can eat terrible candies whenever I want! Have you had Swedish Fish? Those babies are my weakness.

  12. Love those pics! Cute outfit :)

    Don't worry too much about "falling off the bandwagon" - as long as you get back on you'll be ok!

  13. Love the pants with the boots, lovely combo. I am really digging skinny cargo pants, must buy some. AND you are in Yaletown, yay, I love seeing my city!

    As for the gummy bears. Yes. What does it mean? Whenever, I work out I crave chocolate and I don't even like sweets. Hmmm, time to google! xx veronika

  14. Thanks everyone for your kind words (you're the best!) but mostly thanks for telling me it's okay to eat the candy!

    You're all the best bunch of enablers i've ever known xo ;)


  15. I want candy now... Ahhh.

    Also, love the boots. I've been searching for a pair like those for a while.


  16. oh man... the sour belts are my weakness! i buy an extra bag at the movie theaters (the only place i can find them) just so i can save more for later. i totally understand your cravings!!!!

  17. Super cute outfit!!
    I have zero will power as well!


  18. Super cute outfit! That blazer is awesome. I'm always craving sour gummy candy as well, haha.

    And your hair looks amazing as usual!

  19. Loving this outfit Melissa, you look fab! I'm envious of anyone who has Zara in their city (heck, even in their State).

    Oh, I like sour gummy candy...yummo! :)

  20. I love your top, and aren't hard candies supposed to be the "best" maybe opt for some sour hard candies?

  21. You look very nice!Your outfit is lovely,and especially like your stripe top!


  22. Sometimes it might just be okay to give in a little bit. It's those guilty pleasures that make life fun. :)

    On another note is that the velvety blazer from Zara? It look so beautiful on you. :) And luck you, getting to wear just a blazer in January.

    Look forward to hearing from you and staying in touch. (I'm stoked to have found such a gorgeous Canuck blogger)


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  23. hahaha your so cute!
    I have been sick all week but I still went to my trainer cuz I am a tough cookie, hahaha!
    Love the stripes with the blazer :)
    Have a great weekend Melissa!
    <3 Kastles

  24. Your top is great!

    I am following now, I would be more than happy if we keep in touch!

    xoxo, Froso from Style Nirvana

  25. I love the pop of color from your scarf! Lately I've been craving gummi bears, which is weird because my first love is chocolate as well. I think I need more fruit in my diet!

  26. what a great look. I am new to your blog so forgive me if like 100 people have told you ow much you look like Scarlett J. I think you both are gorgeous!

  27. what a great look. I am new to your blog so forgive me if like 100 people have told you ow much you look like Scarlett J. I think you both are gorgeous!


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