Day 23

Today was lovely.

I finally got to see the house my friend Kristi and her husband bought this past May. It was gorgeous! She's decorated it so nicely and it's in a really great area.

While she was giving me a tour of her house I did what any good 30 for 30 blogger would do. I interrupted her and said "aw, your house is so nice. Can you take some pictures of my outfit?".

Haha I'm just kidding, I waited until after the tour was over.
This is her dog Lola (we both have dogs named Lola... it wasn't planned I swear).
I'm so sleepy right now. I could do the smart thing and blog tomorrow but since when have I done anything smart? No point in starting now!

Yet again today was about comfort. I did end up wearing accessories though so hopefully that distracted from how hot and sweaty I was.
The two wooden bracelets that I wore today are from my latest trip to Grand Cayman and the middle bow bracelet is from my latest trip to Urban Outfitters... ;)
I love the idea of jewelry having a story behind it so when we were on our cruise recently I made a point of picking up something from each stop. These are two of my favourites.
The belt is from Plum.

My loafers are from Zara.
I give props to bloggers (like Kendi for instance) who blog their outfits on a very regular basis. 23 days of posting outfits every day and I'm exhausted! I also realize how boring most of my outfits are! For every day wear they are fine but to post for the blogging world to see? booooring.
I'd also like to quickly say hello to my new readers/followers. Thank you so much to those of you who have commented and said hello. I've found so many amazing new blogs thanks to this challenge so hopefully that continues even after it's over!
Good night everyone!

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  1. Your looks aren't boring! The are super chic! I am dying to have a shirt like that!

  2. That's a great hot weather outfit! Love the belt and the bow bracelet!

    - V from The Sweet Roads

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I stumbled upon your blog and think its fantasic! Wanted to say "hi" and that I love your style! Your outfits are really cute!


  4. I have to say that I think my outfits are boring for blogging but I look at your outfits and don't think they are boring at all. Maybe we just get used to our own.

    I have asked random people at work to take my daily picture because I was going to the gym after work and thus wouldn't have on my nice clothes anymore so asking a friend would be a step up from what I do.

    PS I have been taking my "daily picture" for over 5 years but just started blogging about my outfits recently when I realized it was something that could be done. I think my normal blog readers (4 friends) don't care for the outfit posts though. http://colleen.akwire.net/_clothes/

  5. It may be a simple look, but you punched it up with some great accessories. I love your combination of bracelets.

  6. i absolutely adore your bow bracelet!! i like how you paired it with the other two bracelets to give it a punch. i love your accessories!

    and i agree, we are going to be so good at mixing/matching our outfits after the challenge... especially with more than 30 options! there are some days when i just want to grab a thick sweater and wear boots so bad!!

  7. I love this outfit! It's like nothing I would normally ever wear, but now I want to! True inspiration!

  8. "aw, your house is so nice. Can you take some pictures of my outfit?"

    Bahahaha! Now, try doing that for 365 days! IT'S KILLING ME. hahaha

  9. Ooo I love that shirt!

    Where is it from? I need it!

    Cute post!


  10. OMG I love this outfit!!! Very safari-esq :)

  11. This look totally isn't boring. I would wear it. Basics are classic for a reason! As long as you add some personality in your styling basic can be worn all the time!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  12. i love this outfit...i don't think your outfits are boring, this one is so sweet and comfy looking and you look so put together. i think it would spruce up my wardrobe! i think we all get tired of our own clothes!

  13. Love your outfit here :) you've got a great blog! xx


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