Day 22

Day 22 already? I seriously feel like this challenge just started and I only have one week left!

While I loooove that Vancouver has had such amazing weather I am slightly annoyed that this heat wave started the DAY the challenge started. This means that I chose 2 jackets and 2 cardigans, a pair of jeans and a pair of capris that I've only worn when I've forced myself to wear them! Okay, the cardigans are useful but the rest of it would have been replaced with more shorts, tank top and skirts. I kind of think I'm participating in a 26 for 30 challenge ;) Oh well, Vancouver weather has never been predictable. I guess I can't say I'm too surprised!

After work today I ran a couple errands.
First I went to buy a Yoga package. I have contemplated Yoga for a while but my lack of flexibility and inability to stay quiet for longer than 5 minutes always sent me running from the Yoga mat. I just really want to find a way to relax. Are any of you Yoga fans? Any tips would be appreciated!
Next I drove to my Dad's to get my tennis racket. My dad has a gorgeous back yard so I quickly took some outfit pictures while I was there.

I made the mistake of dipping my toes in the water while taking pictures. It was so hot out and the water felt amazing so I did what any sane person would do - I jumped in!
(disclaimer: before I jumped in I went and found a bikini I left in my old room).

I don't know if it was the sun, the pool, or my excitement about learning how to do a downward-facing-dog but today was just a really nice day.
And by the way... I did a little Yoga Pose research and I have a bit of advice for anyone attending a Yoga class. The "corpse pose" is just laying down on a mat. It's not a Yoga pose just because they've given it a fancy name. I'm so helpful. ;)

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  1. When I was younger, my parents thought I had A.D.D but I don't have a problem with keeping it all together.

    And don't be fooled by corpse/savasana pose - it is like mind yoga! No moving, no scratching, no thinking.

  2. I'm doing like 23 for 30! The two jeans and two long sleeved shirts and 3 outer layers are not getting much attention!
    I wish I had a lovely pool like that to jump in. Well actually our apartments do but they're always full of annoying tweens

  3. i can't believe you're at day 22 already! i'm so behind... gotta catch up on the posting tonight!

  4. Yoga is wonderful! i felt much the same as you do before I started 2 years ago but once you're in a class its easier to center yourself than you might think.

    Two things I"d recommend: starting with a beginners series, where you're walked through the basics of yoga for a few weeks (the pace is slower and much more interactive, and it helps you warm not only to the physical but to the mental side of practice as well) and trying a few different teachers' classes to find one that you like. It makes a world of difference!

    Good luck, and enjoy :)


  5. Rachael- NO SCRATCHING! But the times I can't scratch are the times my face always get itchy! See, it's not yoga.. it's torture! ;)

    Liz- Lovely seeing you again! I hope you have everything all sorted out xo. And yeah, stupid jackets. I think I assumed they'd help change up outfits. Yah, if I got dressed at 2am when it's not hot out :p (And tweens are awful ;))

    Honeysuckle: A latte and blogging. That's what I call a tuesday night!

    Alex: I will def be starting in a beginners mild heat yoga haha. I appreciate your advice! I'll let you all know how my first few classes go! eek!

  6. Wow, bravo to you for doing so well with the 30 for 30 challenge using only 26 pieces! I like your outfit here and the bright blue tank top; simple is best when summer weather takes over!

    I've been doing hatha yoga since January (it was a New Year's resolution) and I really enjoy it. Hatha is meditative and slow-moving, but that's almost more challenging for me than a fast-moving class because it's all about alignment (I have horrible posture), balance (I wobble when I stand on one foot), and strength (wow, did I need muscle toning badly when I started!). What kind of yoga are you thinking of signing up for.

  7. I miss your dad's pool...let's invite ourselves over there in August! I'm totally in the same boat with 2 jackets and sweater that I totally wasted. If only I could have another skirt and tank instead :(

  8. My one yoga tip is that when they say don't drink your water don't drink it! the instructors know best!

  9. I too hate yoga. I've tried it a few times. I've done part of the P90x video twice and I've gone to 2 classes with different instructors. I know it is good to do but my mind races a mile a minute. I am going to try it out a little more. I also have bad balance and I'm not flexible at all so I also can't do things as good on top of thinking it's boring.
    But I did notice that I got more used to the weird names and movements and I hated it less with each time I did it.
    I prefer Body Pump, Body Combat, Spinning, Running, Elliptical, Exercise Bike... aka everything else I've done.

    I wish my parents had a pool. or my friends or anyone I know for that matter.

    I hear people love hot yoga but I have not tried it.

    I feel like I did a bad job with my 30 for 30 and 3 out of the first 4 days I wore the same black shoes. I started 10 days late so I'm only on day 8 I think.


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